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RSS Johnthethird

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2 points

No one believes a self interested, tyrannical fraud

Ahahahaha! Wait, are you actually trying to convince people that Sanders -- not Trump -- is the "tyrannical fraud"? I don't even know whether that's amusing or just plain frightening.

1 point

To pretend you were the first one to make that observation

Hold on a second. This is your debate, not his. You are the one who has stolen the idea. Attacking other people to deflect culpability for your own wrongdoing is behaviour often seen by, would you believe it, psychopaths.

1 point

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Fairly sure that was sarcasm. Objective reality would be that your nose is bent. Him being a piece of shit is your opinion.

2 points

Another one who wants to insult rather than debate.

We all deeply regret that you find factual accuracy insulting.

2 points

The idea that we are endowed with certain rights by a creator IS a classical liberal concept

The concept of a creator has got absolutely nothing to do with liberalism.

You are a stupid little idiot. That's a fact.

0 points

No he isn't. He screamed about race on my abortion debate, when I never said anything about race.

When you ban people for having a different opinion than you, and then argue with them after you have banned them so that they are unable to challenge the things you write, you only reveal yourself to be a completely unreasonable religious extremist.

1 point

You are no Christian. Christians are full of love, not hate. What you are is a vile little bully who uses religion as a tool to manipulate other people. As far as evil, cowardly bastards like you are concerned, anybody who has a problem with your victimisation of Islam or your constant wave of aggression against the left is a bigot.

The laughable irony is that you'd better hope hell isn't real, because that's exactly where you'd be going you complete unadulterated cunt.

3 points

Yes, but that's because you're a spectacularly horrible little child who claims to be a Christian while, at the same time, you openly admit the motive for your behaviour is spite. Can you just imagine what Jesus would have made of a person so childish, inhumane, disingenuous and obnoxious? You are literally everything Jesus warned was wrong with the world, you pathetic scumbag.

1 point

You do in court.

Investigations don't happen in court you PROLIFICALLY STUPID CUNT. The investigation happens first, and then depending on its findings there may be a court trial. Does that compute you fucking moron? Stop constantly trying to change the subject to deflect the topic away from your own lies you fucking pathetic fascist Jew imbecile. You make me literally sick pal.

1 point

Undeniable proof that Brontoraptor is a dangerous paedophile:-

Nom: So you support making sexually provocative comments to young children, you disgusting little Nazi paedophile scumbag??

Brontoraptor: Yes. You should be able to say whatever you want regardless of what it is. Should youbeabletousethetermliberalsupremacy

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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