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RSS Jojo777

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i agree with fann that reading is equally interesting as watching tv or playing computer games.actually it is not only fun but it also make us search for a deeper meaning between the lines.

reading allows us to read between the lines in order to understand the story to its best,making the process of finding hidden meaning joyful at the same time.

1 point

i think that reading is important as it improves our vocabulary,stimulas our thinking skills and acts as a relaxation.reading improves our vocabulary as most writers uses many superb and excellent words to make the story reading books, we will have the memory of these words and use them during our composition writing or exams

secondly,it stimulas our thinking skills in terms of creativity,asking ourselves the "why" question and thoughts of in deciphering a poem, reading activates our senses and we will constantly hunger for the reason the writer writes in a certain style. could it be because of culture? could it be used to evoke mystery and uncertainty? or could it be used to influence the thinking of the reader. the possibilities of the "why" question are endlessand thus it sets us also promotes inquisitiveness as we want to find out more about the story plot. needless to say, we pick up books upon looking at the title or summary. why? it is because we find it special and want to know the story plot,thus giving us a sense of satisfication.personally, i like to read books related to spying assaisination and many more of this is because these books make me want to read on and find out things like, "will he survive?", "he is a superspy, how is he able to escape the villians" and things like that.that is why reading promotes inquisitiveness.

lastly, reading acts as a relaxation.while reading, we forget about the stress of work and plunge into the story itself, picturing ourselves in it.i would say that reading is a quick way to escape the stresses that we are currently facing.

in conclusion, reading is important as it broadens our horizon, relaxes our mind and set us thinking at the same time.

Winning Position: abortion should not be banned

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Name: joseph cham
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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