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RSS Joshuaokpara

Reward Points:47
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10 most recent arguments.
3 points

i think single sex schools are better than coed schools because some students can't focus well when an oppsite sex is around

good point:) but i'll still stick to females:)because they are less likely to talk back to teachers:)

2 points

well the fact that females make better students than males can be proven:)

in schools the most amount of disobeying students are mostly boys/males

another reasons females make better students is that they are always at most times attentive and are less likely to get in trouble:)

2 points

if punishment is allowed in schools it only creates an environment that doesn't tolerates violence.

punishment in schools will be seen as a lack of a well disiplined government:)

if punishment should be allowed it could at least be as a disipline. like tell the misbehaveing student to run a mile or punish them by taking them to the gym to workout. that will show a good sense of humor and create an environment that takes good care of it's students:)

2 points

i personnally i've being to africa where punishment in school is totally allowed, it sometimes helps but on the other hand people's eyes have being mistakenly taken out through harsh disipline.

i happened to go to high school in africa for two one year. and i was beaten to the point my dad who love punishment in schools got so mad. and the reason for me being harshly disipline was because i couldn't finish my homework.

4 points

i really think it shoud'nt be closed down because people who grow fat or get obesed have the right of choice.people should have the right sense of mind to know what's right for them:)

the fast food resturants are just doing their jobs.

but on the other hand fast food resturants should be told or forced to serve good and nice food that have less calories in them:)

6 points

i must negate to the resolution that states christianity should be taught in schools.

though am a christian i really believe that the fact that christianity is thought in schools also means that all other religions should be taught.

religions shouldn't be taught in schools because school is a place where we learn about our law and things that'll make us learn and understand what we need to know. school is not a place where we judge other people's religions:) i'll rest my case:)

4 points

if punishment is allowed in schools it could cause emotional or physical distress to the punished child.

3 points

i must negate to the resolution that states that games are destructive tothe human mind and should be stopped.

games are really not destructive if you play them at the right time and at the right place.

if a guy or a girl is out is on holiday. there's nothing wrong with he/her playing's only wrong when games are a obstruction to someone passing his/her tests.

2 points

what a woman can do a man can't do better because we as human beings are specialized in doing stuff they're some stuff which a man can do and a woman can't do and they're other stuff which a woman can do that a man can't do. saying what a man can do a woman can't do could possibly dimilish relationships and also creat choas in a community

even take the army for example the women are sometimes skillful than the men. we should'nt say a man is better that a woman because we're all same human:)

About Me

"my name is joshua, am a cool guy who loves debating and love things being right:)"

Biographical Information
Name: joshua okpara
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 78753

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