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RSS Judas

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2 points

Yes it does. It is absolutely better for your lungs. Water vapor is always healthier to inhale than smoke, opiate or not.

4 points

I've been vaporizing marijuana extracts for quite some time. There is no smoke involved. What you inhale is harmless water vapor.

This process is not harmful to your health.

Supporting Evidence: (
judas(295) Clarified
4 points

Thank you.

I must point out that the argument that you appreciate was constructed by a brain containing large amounts of THC. One of the many positive aspects of using marijuana is creativity and many studies have shown this.

As for the strength of marijuana these days? You're right, but I don't think you even know the extent of it. The strains coming out these days are crazy. The really cool kids aren't even smoking weed anymore. The new wave is dabbing BHO's and ISO's, which are marijuana concentrates of those crazy potent new strains. If you take these oil extracts and superheat them quickly, (by heating a piece of metal or glass to red hot) you get a vapor that contains extreme amounts of THC.

Anyway, even with all these crazy new ways of getting massive amounts of THC to your brain, there is no marijuana induced psychosis here. Psychosis entails "a loss of contact with reality". I get straight A's at a university, run a small business, and I am constantly under the influence of marijuana. I am literally never sober and I do just fine.

I understand that some people don't handle marijuana well, but I feel the need to point out that some of us do and it helps us greatly with problems like anxiety. Not everyone is a typical stoner that gets the munchies and acts like a doof, some of us have shit to do.

3 points

Thank you doctor Taqwacore for your medical insight. Do you think peanuts should be classified as "harmful" as well? They do kill 100 times more people annually.

How about aspirin? Most people are going to be able to take aspirin without "ill-effects", but aspirin does kill 7,600 more people every year than marijuana does. What have you to say about that?

Peanut deaths per year

Supporting Evidence: Facts on Marijuana: deaths per year (
0 points

I'm done. You're a moron. I didn't even finish reading your last post.

My argument is not that men and women are the same, or there is no difference between men and women. Your pretending that this is my argument doesn't make you look any less stupid, but it does end this debate.

Congratulations on learning nothing from this exchange. This is over now. Fuck off and die.

0 points

No, because there are no fundamental difference between humans with one amount of melanin in their skin vs humans with a different amount of melanin.

I'm sorry your education is so lacking. There are several more differences in races than melanin. From resistance to malaria to height to eye and hair color, the diversity of the human race is immense and no other species varies to the degree we do. We have pygmies and aborigines and English people, a human can be 4 in a half feet at adult height, or 7 feet tall. Saying that the only differences in races is melanin, it just shows your ignorance.

There is though a difference between men and women in a general sense, which I address. There are different chemicals at play, we develop differently, we are different sizes, and as mentioned men and women, in a general sense based on biology, even think differently.

It's fucked up that you are so dense that I have to keep repeating this to you. I simply wont say this again. I AGREE THERE IS A DIFFERENCE you fucking close minded moron.

You want to simplify my argument because it is the only way it fits into your simple categorization of "sexist."

You simplify your own argument to "females are better students all around", which is obviously false. These are your own words.

As far as your one study from 2001. This article concludes nothing.

"This difference may account for differences in how men and women think."

So this information may tell us something. That is what your source says. Do you see the second paragraph where grey matter is mentioned? Gray matter is the information processing centers in the brain, white matter is just the "connections between" them. Men have 6.5 times the information processing power that women do.

This makes men the PC and women the Apple product. Gamers choose PC's for their higher processing power and apple people choose apple products for their ease of use. What device is better for homework? What device is smarter? This is obviously subjective.

When it comes to genders, saying that one in inherently superior over the other is sexist.


: behavior, conditions, or attitudes that foster stereotypes of social roles based on sex

What you are doing is attempting to foster a stereotype of a social role based on sex. The stereotype is that women are better students.

It is not equal. That is how it is.

Perfect. Thank you for making your sexism perfectly clear. Your statements were already by definition sexist, but thanks for making it clear you do not believe in gender equality.

Supporting Evidence: (
0 points

So, just to be clear, a possible negative impact on the human gene pool is more important than you and your kids? This lofty principal is more important than the health and happiness of your children? Is that right? You are comfortable with your kids dying of heart disease and cancer to preserve this principal?

Of course not. Survival of the fittest is a part of evolution and the human species has been through population bottlenecks before. Sometimes only the really cool smart people get to survive, and that is evolution. I think the cool smart people of the future are genetically enhanced, weather we like it or not.

Also, there is a difference between a genetic mutation and having "weaker" genes. Mutations occur in even the healthiest gene pools, without them, the population would not continue to evolve and would become extinct.

0 points

Wow, you are dumb.

That's funny because you make me feel very smart. Going on and on about my perfectly quoted arguments, and then committing the worst of quotation mistakes, it makes you look like an idiot. Your entire argument here hinges on me misquoting you (which I didn't), and then you show everyone that you don't even know how to properly use quotes?

You fucked your own argument. Why not just back up your statements instead of pretending that I am twisting your words?

Is that sexist?

No. I'm sorry you still don't understand. I guess I'll explain it to you?

First off, men vs. women debates are counterproductive, just like a "which race is better" debate. The entire premise is sexist. Let's start there.

What makes a good student? Apparently by your standards communication skills are all there is. Math, science, technology, and economics are apparently irrelevant. You just want to make the blanket statement, "females are better students all around", which is sexist.

Your entire opening argument is peppered with "girls are better" statements and is not balanced to show the equality of the genders.

Okay, now forget about your stupid little feelings. Open your dense fucking head for one minute here and forget about who posted it or intent. Look at your own gad damn data,

"Here are other theories that do not hold up to scrutiny.

Boys are inherently inferior academically. No educator or research has suggested this, and the data indicate otherwise."

now hold that dumb fucking mind open and read your own statement,

as a general statement it is fair to say females are better students all around.

Now let all that soak in your dumb, tiny, liberal extremist brain and stfu.

2 points

this website is about debating and not about expressing rants

Oh you mean like the rant above? How fucking stupid is it to come on here crying and whining about how someone else is a crybaby?

Jesus Christ, grow up.

0 points

What is wrong with you?

You falsely accuse me of misquoting you several times, and then the first time you try to quote me it's a total mess. Are you fucking stupid? Apparently you are. Do you know copy paste?

"why are you guys upvoting this? It's sexist"

What I said was,

"You people are up voting a sexist statement." <not a question.

Do you have a vagina? Is that what all this is about? Just because you are insecure about your vagina I shouldn't have to spend my Wednesday dealing with your sexist bullshit.

Like I said, there is nothing left to talk about. You already win the moron of the day award. Anyone reading this is quite entertained, I'm sure.

I could say, "show me my strawmen" or give you a definition of "strawman" or "sexist" or "better" or I could point to your several sexist statements that you are still dodging and trying to backpedal out of.

There is just no point, bro. Everyone can see you're a sexist moron, I don't really have to do anything here.

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