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RSS Julia4

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The breakout time with the current deal is actually set at 12/13 months (Institute for Science and International Security). This does not factor in if Iran would implement IR-2M centrifuges. While the deal does require that almost all of these continuous centrifuges be placed in Hall B of FEP at Natanz, it also allows research to continue with 2 IR-2M centrifuges. When the Institute for Science and International Security factored in IR-2M centrifuges into the breakout time, it was more likely around 5 months.

1 point

This deal is only delaying the inevitable. It lifts the sanctions in exchanged for little or nothing but promises, and we know Iran can NOT be trusted. The many past years of fear and distrust toward Iran makes this problem hard to solve. Iran has a history of not handling situations peacefully so why would we trust them this time? Making this deal would give them both things they want - their money and a continued sense of fear. We should continue the sanctions until Iran agrees to fully cease its nuclear program.

3 points

I think we should keep the articles of confederation it will spread the power more so that the elites can not take over the government and cause the lower class citizens to live in fear of losing their property and becoming bankrupt.

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