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RSS Justicebaker

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1 point

I wanna protest those pink pooty tang hats. It's visual pollution. Too much of one color creates climate change.

I wanna protest your apparent belief that writing ridiculous things to people is what debate is. His reasonable claim is not debunked by your absurd one. Too much color does not create climate change. You don't even believe in climate change in the first place, you corrupt little toolbag.

1 point

For anyone to even ask the question... what's wrong with No Restriction abortions, is a person that will not waste one second of my time.

Nobody said "No Restrictions". You literally made that up yourself you mad bastard. It is difficult to take the moral high ground when you are such a cowardly, dishonest and deceptive liar.

1 point

This topic has to be one of the most retarded things I have EVER seen

Your opinion about what is retarded doesn't matter because you actually are retarded. You don't realise it because you are retarded, which I guess makes it ironic.

3 points

OK. That was the funniest fucking thing I've read all morning.

Laughing at the rule of law is hardly something any rational person would do. Your amusement at the concept of law and order is obviously a sign that you are not a well man.

Now that I'm done laughing let's analyze the logistics of this, shall we?

The logistics of what?

I mean, ignoring the legal nightmare of repealing multiple constitutional amendments

Now THIS is MY interpretation of something which should provoke streams of laughter. The very fact that the constitution was amended in the first place debunks your assertion that it would be a "legal nightmare" to amend the constitution. You literally are trying to use an amendment to imply the constitution cannot be amended. I can think of nothing more ridiculous or stupid.

Your posts are not worth reading mate. They are gigantic walls of rubbish.

-4 points
-4 points
-4 points
-4 points
-3 points
-2 points
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