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RSS Jykeous

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1 point

In my personal opinion, yes. Abortion should be banned. I am pro-choice, I just believe that a woman's choice to have a child is before engaging in sexual activities, not after a person has been created.

Of course, there are scenarios such as rape or cases of bodily disorders that are different from another abortion. A woman in those situations must come to the difficult decision through god and deep personal contemplation.

1 point

I don't think guns should be banned because they are such a strong part of american culture. Back in colonial times, everyone had a gun. America was still mostly a frontier at the time. It was partially because of this that the revolutionists were able to fight back against the army of the world's superpower, they all had weapons and knew how to use them. That gun culture remains in america today.

The right to bear arms is also one of the constitutional amendments, so that almost ensures that guns will remain legal.

On the other hand, I do think that restrictions should be tightened. As it is now, background checks and restrictions are way too loose. Every few weeks there is a new school shooting, and I have heard of so many gun deaths and accidents from people close to me. Yes, guns should stay legal, just more restricted.

And for those of you who say "I can use it to protect myself from criminals", tell me. How many times has that EVER happened? I bet you can find a few examples somewhere on the internet. But the ratio of Gun Accidents to Guns Used in Self-Defense is very high.

1 point

I think this debate begins with deciding what a "mental disorder" is. I think of it as faulty biological programming that conflicts with a humans basic needs and mental characteristics. Humans are biologically programmed, so to speak, with a sexual drive for the other gender to encourage childbirth and reproduction. Homosexuality provides a sexual drive opposite of what was intended, so yes, I consider it a mental disorder.

Please know that I don't think of homosexuality as a "mental illness", even though I defined it as such. Homosexuals are still people and deserve the respect we give everyone else. I believe that sexual relations should only exist within a marriage between a man and a woman by the proper authority, so this may conflict with other's beliefs, but I still respect and love them as human beings. I just think they have a greater challenge in life than some people.

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