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RSS Kamranw

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2 points

The cost of many foods are already unbearable. If we eliminate the farms, we make it harder to get access to these meats. I know there is an argument that we do not need meat however, is it really within our rights to force the general population to turn vegetation?

1 point

You couldn't handle giving your baby to someone who could give it a good life you would kill it??? People should be held accountable for their actions. If you can't handle a baby, don't have sex.

0 points

Thats just dumb. Do you have any idea how many cars there are in this world??!!

1 point

Islam is the only religion that grows in numbers every year. Every other religion is dropping in numbers.

1 point

Sure why not? You can challenge any religion you like but what makes you think I am against abortion based on my religion?

1 point

are you suggesting that abortions are already "outside the law"?

No.....I was responding to the post that "people will just get illegal abortions anyway" I was simply pointing out that is not a good reason to keep or make something legal.

"Besides, making certain recreational drugs legal allow certain societies to control it better"

Considering these drugs are NOT legal, you have no proof to back that statement up. Secondly, you cannot compare the 2. Abortions would most likely go down if it was illegal as most people would be too scared to do them illegally.

1 point

Hmmmm......where do I begin????????

I will start with the worst regret......"I do"


1 point

OK first off, I was referring to your comment about childrens feelings. Secondly, in every case you mention, violence is not needed. As I already mentioned, if you are talking about strict discipline, I agree, if you are talking about hitting someone, then I disagree.

2 points

Hitting children should always be an option - never completely disregarded and never abused. Some parent manage to raise a kid straight without beating them - great. Some parents manage to raise a kid straight while beating them - great.

NO, hitting should not be an option. The parents that feel this is needed, should learn a thing or two from the parents which you point out, can raise their children without violence.

BTW you CAN respect AND fear a person. Just so you know.\

Yes you can. Parents are not one of those people. You should LOVE and respect your parents, not fear them.

2 points

The education system is probably the best example of how their feelings play the biggest role.

Could you provide an example?

I'm sorry... your second paragraph just shows you're sitting their with stupid questions but not answers...

Questions you seem to avoid answering.

Being interested in psychology you should have a clue about how many westerners are obsessed with their feelings and how it filters through the whole society.

In what way?

For someone who is attacking others, you seem to lack facts and reasoning yourself.

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