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RSS Karim_salah

Reward Points:216
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5 points

nice example .

5 points


why do you judge me like that ??!

2 points

Let me give you an example!

when you go to any foreign country you will find that the signs in the street is by the native language and English not Chinese nor Spanish !

That's what i mean with global language !

4 points

Emotions are childishly subjective, so many people only love people who are bad for them. Reason is much better to use in choosing lovers.

6 points

We eat food in mouth with hands. The brain instructs & controls the act. Similarly we love with heart taking help from brain :)

9 points

The "heart" is the soul and center of who we are... that's why. I mean, it's like when you say I love you with all my heart, it's like saying everything that I live for and am, is loving you.

I guess just the heart more represents our center than our brain.

8 points

Its what the heart symbolizes. Don't take things to literally.

12 points

You have most of it correct. However the brain is where most people think logical thoughts and develop conclusions based on input.

The heart does not think and is not logical, it just pumps faster when eye candy is front of it. Regardless of the logical end results of going after that candy.

The heart will lead you to you source of pain and pleasure without thinking. Thus we love without thinking much of the time.

6 points

Nice point of view thank you !

6 points

I think that love is the brain job .

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About Me

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Egypt
Religion: Muslim
Education: High School

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