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RSS Karimcsf

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1 point

There is a contradiction between time of creation according to the bible and evolution.

Adam existed 11 000 BC according to calculation based on data and events from the bible.

Homo sapiens(modern human) is dated 200 000 years ago according to fossils,

and the origin of humans according to evolution date back 2 million years.

1 point

I agree that the leaders of the armies were in it for the money but without religion they won't have volunteers to have their war. The pay wasn't good for the normal soldier.

2 points

The Shariah Law sets punishments for serious crimes such as murder. Should we forgive people who steal, murder or rape? They are given severe punishment that they deserve.

The shariah law punish witchcraft by death (they still do it in Saudi Arabia )

The shariah law also had rules detailing how you are allowed to rape slaves.

1 point

Yes, they are.If they weren't meant to be broken then why is there penalties in the rules?!

1 point

If stop eating sugar your body will transform fats or proteins to sugar to use it as Energy so it can't be a poison actually you can't live without sugar in you body

7 points

You were taught Christianity when you where a child,did you?

2 points

Being multilingual can certainly help people to become more open minded as it helps them to look into more cultures

1 point

Where is a soul in a human body because i missed it in my last medical checkup ??

You can't prove my soul is doomed unless you prove that a soul exists....

3 points

God is a human invention it existed from the beginning of human kind the concept growed with humans first it was fire and the one who controlled fire then when we discovered the logic of fire we started worshiping nature power the sun the wind earth and imagined they had a physical form that could walk talk fight like humans then the concept growed again to many gods doesn't make it a unique thing so the idea shifted to one god some settled that the sun is god but most adopted the one concept that god is there but we can't see him, that with theories of blind faith and our own representation of the fear of death "the after life" ;then to control peoples behaviors split the after life to 2 sections one for the bad "hell" one for the good"heaven". God is our own delusion a delusion of somebody else doing the heavy lifting someone in control that also makes god the perfect way to control people. People will fight great wars in the name of god will justify anything by "the will of god" so god is dangerous in the hand of maniacs and blind believers.

1 point

Sira Is the recorded speeches of Mohamed and there is no record of it being faked so if the sira is null the Qur'an is null too because it was spoken by Mohamed too.

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Winning Position: No,they will always be poor

About Me

"I believe in freedom of will, if doesn't hurt anyone (but me) i have the right to do it. I am convinced that we don't need a hell we have already have one we call it life.Life without risks is boring so i try things witch scare me the most.I hate politics i have one opinion either i say it in full or not at all.To me there is no unexplained phenomena there is an explanation i just don't know it yet."

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Canada

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