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Scientifically that doesn't actually have anything to do with IQ.

1 point

Uhh not to be offensive or anything but GOD DOES NOT EXIST. You know what does exist? Science. You know what else also exists? Typos. It could have been Adam and Steve for all we know.

1 point

Are u actually kidding me? Are you rlly this stupid? Like srsly have you ever even read a historical textbook, cause if you do you'll learn that women did have to fight for their rights. During the women's suffrage movement, women would picket the white house, and they would be attacked by police officers, arrested, and when they tried to hunger strike they were force fed through a straw up their nose! They were beaten, tortured and killed. Also have you ever heard of Hedy Lamarr? Do you actually know why men are contributed to more inventions? It's because the government wouldn't attribute the inventions to women! Hedy Lamarr created a frequency hopping device so that the navy could fire submarine missiles remotely without getting their frequency jammed by the germans. This invention helped with the discovery of Wi-Fi. She was told by the navy that they couldn't accept her invention because it would be too hard to convince the men that something a woman made would work! Fifty years later after her patent had worn off they took her invention and made copies of it and sent it all around the country and she never got credit for it! And seriously, dude, you say that women are bad at debating, but have you ever heard of Ruth Bader Ginsberg? The women that secured abortion rights for women? The women that now sits on the Supreme Court as a judge? You tried to make a logical argument and you turned out looking like a moron. Sorry, you don't look like a moron, you are a complete and utter MORON!!!!

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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