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RSS Kat_debate

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1 point

How does that have anything to do with it? Buying animals from breeders doesn't make them feral. Keeping them in pet shop is just cruel!

1 point

How do we know that will happen? If we just elect in judges how do we know that there will be less sexist desicions, there could be more.

1 point

If they are it allows for corruption in our justice system. People become biased and how does this help us?

3 points

Because Australia is a rich western country that would defiantly go by all the safety procedures. Most people don't realise it but Chernobyl's environment has gone back to normal. Also technology has advanced and that means so have the safety procedures. The other reason for the Chernobyl incident was that the scientists realide too much on the reactor.

1 point

Team Edward in the book but SO Team Jacob in the moivie!!!

1 point

I don't that is the cause at all and if it bothers don't watch or read them!!! Believe it or not that works!!

1 point

I don't see how it is trashy in any way!!! I think by the buzz it gets I don't think it will be forgotten easily!!!

1 point

NO Twilight isn't over rated. i think that people who say they dislike it, the book probably wasn't their genre or something! i think some people don't realize exactly what she put in the book. if a Mormon reads the book they spot a lot of things that are good and the standards that people push aside and think are dumb and stupid. i think Stephanie Meyer used her writing skills to add apart of her to the book because she is Mormon. She really sets standards in those books that usually aren't even used in a world today for some people and i think it was really great that a popular book that i can really look at and say "wow!" holds those standards is just amazing!!!! Thank You Stephanie Meyer!!!!

-1 points

It does not!!! She waited until they were married!!! She is showing and supporting what her religion believes in, sex after marriage and it does not condone in any way teen sex!!! Why would she do research? I think some people take this too seriously this is a fiction book, that means it's not real and doesn't need research!!! Writer's creating their own world is what they are suppose to do and often don't do research. Often other versions of vampires, might I emphasize CREATED, are graphic and violent, she was trying to show another perspective and people criticizing her for that is not nice.

1 point

Edward is soooooo sweet and knows just the right thing to say and Jacob is just a jerk!!!! but Taylor Launter is hot in the movie and rob patternson is so not!!!

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Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: Australia
Religion: Mormon

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