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RSS Kayred

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2 points

Yes, if you are referring to someone in school or under 18. by forcing a child into a sport you are keeping them active, and healthier. Personally i wish participation in a sprt was manditory when i was in school. I always wanted to be on a team but never had the confidence that I would make it, however if it was manditory i wouldnt have had a choice.There are also the kids who try out for teams and dont make the team. By making it manditory this wouldnt happen.

In todays society kids are constantly staying home and playing video games and talking on the phone, comp etc. when 5-10 years ago you would find them at the park playing sports and staying physically active. Its no wonder obesity is such a big problem today.

Lastly Manditory participation in sports in not going to hurt anybody, its just for there well being. Just like Mandatory participation in science and a second laguage, or any subject. There needs to be a balance.

kayred(14) Clarified
3 points

that was clearly ment to be hypothetical. Yess no Doctor can force someone to give up there organs Just like NOBODY can force someone to give birth to a baby.

1 point

clearly there are lots of different views and beliefs on the topic, and i did take evolution in school thankyou. Im not going into detail, just skimming.

1 point

Its funny cause I dont read the bible and Im not very religious at all. And regardless of whether you believe in God or not, doesnt make a difference to me. you just sound really silly thats all.

1 point

Try not to comment on stuff thats been posted over 100 days ago.

1.thats okay thanks. I comment on whatever I want to.

Most people who get an abortion are not raped, that's just a fact. Most people who get pregnant don't get an abortion, however, I would argue that 22% is still rather high.

1. Of course most people who get abortions are not raped. Anyone could tell you that. and you could say 22% is high, maybe it is, maybe it isn't. I'm all about personal choice. what about all these people having babies for the wrong reasons?

What I'm saying is, rape is not a cause to kill (abort) a human baby, period.

1. its not? how would you like to be violently raped and forced to have that mans baby? lol are you kidding me? thats ridiculous.

2. until you can actually get pregnant, your opinion means very little to me. and regardless of whether you think its right or not, abortions will never be illegal. It will never get to that point.

Lastly, I will just say if abortions did become illegal, there will be much bigger problems. There would be Dr's doing it under the table, and women even doing it to themselves bc they feel its what they need to do. this would cause higher levels in crime and diseases. People always find ways around things.

1 point

let me just understand something here. Where do you and everyone else whose saying God doesnt exisit think we came from? Monkeys? Because I know I didnt come from no monkey. hmm and what do you figure we will evolve into next?

2 points

lol money and power makes you worthy? its funny because i doubt if there is a God that he needs money, and as for power? hes clearly already got that. I actually hope your kidding because thats kind of disgusting that you think like that, and what a sad sad life you must have.

0 points

there's killers? lol yess there's murderers, there always have been there always will be. There's Good and Evil. Heaven and hell. So if there was a God there would be no murderers? than we wouldnt even be having this discussion right now, bc we would all be gods puppets? God gave people freedom of choice. You make your own decisions, and you deal with the consequences. And personally I think the world in its self, or just being here is a miracle.

0 points

Its because america is founded on christian bases. Today anything that is considered the "norm" or traditional is now looked down apon. This is because we are constantly trying to make things as equal as possible for new people coming to this country and people with diff religions. Therefore everyone feels welcome and equal. This is the main reason for the loss of practicing religion in the states. Its funny how wishing someone a Merry CHRISTmas is now apparently not politically correct. Now we have to say Happy Holidays so we dont offend anyone, And now there talking about the National Anthem and how children shouldnt sing that in school anymore because it mentions God.

Anything that is based on christianity values or mentions anything involving God,jesus, etc is slowly disapearing. I meen since when is saying MERRY CHRISTMAS wrong?!

1 point

This scenario does happen, however, it is much rarer that most believe, most abortions are from irresponsible sex but regardless it is still no reason to kill a human.

okay so its rarer? and your point is...?

your tying to say that most people who get preganant, are not preganted bc of rape. okay fair enough...than im going to say most people who get pregnant do NOT get an abortion.

So it shouldnt be an issue than, Because if you want to compare number of births to abortions. well births outnumber abortions by a landslide. So I guess you could say in comparison, that abortions are rare aswell.

And everyone just keeps arguing its not right to kill a human being, and yes i agree. Thats why in our society a fetus is NOT considered a human being until it is born.

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