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RSS Kazimakie

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1 point

The war is not because of him, all our old presidents decided to stay back, and b e chill with everything. HE IS THE PRESIDENT WE NEED! he is tired of our country being a pushover. and if we go to war, i will personally execute anyone who tries to oppose him. this includes everyone. Trump is by far one of the best presidents we have ever had. he sees the potential that no one else has. he will return us to the best country in the world. right now, we are complete shit. but not for long.

1 point

basically any automatic weapon is considered an assault weapon, if we are attacked my a strong army, what the hell are pistols and rifles gonna do to them? huh? very little. So all you cry babies who think we don't have the right to assault weapons? lets see what you say when you need to defend yourself against a heavily armed assailant. Gonna cry and beg for mercy? probably.

1 point

The Germans should have beaten us. Their armor was greatly superior to ours.

1 point

Lets put it this way, i would personally give everyone of them to him, and kill anyone who tried to stop me, whether he kills me, or spares me, i get what i want.

1 point


3 points

The constitution, says We have the right to bear arms. you may say "its fine to own a gun, just not a fucking AR-15" or something like that. The constitution also states.... A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed, taking the assault weapons is taking away our well armed militia. therefore it is against the conswtitution.

1 point

Each of our religions contradict the others, i believe their is one god...people just have different versions of stories, folk tales, however, some religions are false...hint hint Catholic.....XD but thats just my thoughts.

2 points

it is useful in getting information, it is inhumane, but it really works! it worked wonders for my kids and wife! XD

1 point

but in all reality, youre pretty ok in my book, people just cant handle shit.

2 points

Actually....hes quite funny, he may or may not have said offending things to me, I don't know, I just laugh at it all now.

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Winning Position: Taking away assault weapons.
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Winning Position: Should the death penalty be given to drug dealers?

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"Country till the day I die."

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