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1 point

I dont believe that texting makes you dumber or any less of a communicator but I do believe it does get in the way of being social around the dinner table or when there are problems,for example the family is sitting down at the dinner table and there carying on a coversation and the get to mary sue and with her head down looking as if she is talking to her croch, and fingers texting away she says "hold on a sec", or doesnt even say anything at all because she is to busy texting, this happens all the time and well it can get in the way sometimes of carying on a conversation with the immidiate people around you. It just seems kind of stupid when the person your texting is sitting right next to you so in a way i guess it does kinda make you stupider because those kinds of people are ridiculous, I mean you could just whisper it into the persons ear instead of texting it.

1 point

Honestly, what if osama was right next door to your house and you smell sulfur and bomb fluid and loud crashing noises all the time and you call the police and they say sorry its an invasion of privacy to go into this guys house and see what it is that he is doing what then hu?

0 points

Well if your a fricking terrorist of course you would want to do something about it but Daniel isn't a terrorist so what does she have to be scared of?

0 points

I believe that if a person looks suspicious and isn't doing anything wrong then why shouldn't the government be able to monitor the individual, if there not hiding anything then what do they have to be afraid of. If we did not monitor the suspicious girls walking the streets at 3 O'clock in the morning, we would not be able to lock up hookers for there wrong doing. Airport security are racists for good reasons they see a guy who looks like a bomb threat there going to monitor and continue to interrogate this individual because yes there racists and thats how they save lives.

1 point

i would have to disagree with your statement. frustrating or not your dad will die someday leaving you fatherless anyways so why not be frustrated for the rest of his llife and go through your life they way god planed it, frusterteddadonitism.

0 points

Even though your father might not be the best or always there for you he is still your father. Every father has a certain connection with there children and thats what shapes and molds a son or daughters character and personality. I believe our parents play a major role in determining who we are even if they are lousy they are still our kin.

1 point

Well I definitely would stick by my vows of marriage through the good times and the bad but I mean some people get married without truly knowing who the person is. Hmmm that is a hard one. Well if I truly loved this person I would not turn them in because, I mean I made a promise to them that they could turn to me for help in thick and thin till death do us part. But there are divorces that happen all the time because for whatever reason, but I don't know this is a toughy.

1 point

I believe that personal pursuit is the better endeavor because I am not just another man in a suit. I am my own person with my own destiny and I will not comply with the rest of the world for the common good. being obedient is over rated and I will not sit and emancipate myself with the rest of the black and white TV sets, IM going to break away into colors and live my life the way its supposed to be lived, to infinity and beyond. but don't get me wring i do love my loved ones but i will not help them with the common good just because they try to hold me down and cover my eyes so that i cant see. no one is going to make me invisible. the people we know now are just here to get us through that particular stage in life and have a couple of laughs along the way.

1 point

i do believe that shakespear should be counitnued as a study. shakespear is a nessesity to english literater. the man is brilliant and only those with the mental capasity to grasp his awsomeness.

-1 points

yes I do agree with bethany in agreeing with kenneth because he is really smart and knows wat he is talking about because he is good looking

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