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RSS Kentdhalia

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1 point

fear is not a good thing. It may be a threat to our success. Once you have fear on a certain thing, then you would think not to do it. Sometimes if oppotunity comes and we think of the consequences, most of the opinions we have in our mind are negative and we then decide not to do it. What if that opportunity is the key for your success, then you will not be able to achieve success and you will start on blaming on yourself why you quit?, why you didn't do it? Oh man, is that a good thing to have fear in your hearts? Fear for me is just a threat, a hindrance for our success.

2 points

well, for me, the worst sin a person can have is their pride. Pride is the only reason why people commit sins. They don't want to look behind them, to turn back where they came from and to ask for forgiveness for what they've done instead, they insist that it was not their fault. And that will be the start of their earrings. And there's only one thing that may happen if they wil not lower their pride, the continuous killings.

2 points

it is not rightful to tell that god doesn't love can you say that god doesn't love us.... the problems that we are encountering is just a test to us. this will measure our faith for him.... besides, he never give trials if he knows that we can't do that. the reason of our failure is that we never think that we could overcome such hindrances, such trials that is given to us. think of it. How many times you experience failure in life. and what's the reason of such failure.... for sure it is because you lack of confidence... you lack faith in god....

8 points

ask yourself, how did humans existed in this world? It is very impossible that without any creator, people would exist in this world. A pair of cells is needed in order to produce a new living thing.

1 point

adding two years in high school is really needed for it is the only way for us to acquire more knowledge. Most of the students finish their high school years without knowing anything and that's theprimary reason why they get low grades and becomes a candidate for dropping out.

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Winning Position: no
Tied Positions: time consuming vs. low quality of education

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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