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RSS Kevja

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Savannah (3)

The most effective way to handle North Korea would be Option 3, improving relations with the country as well as ending the development of their nuclear program. Through bilateral negotiations, we can ensure that North Korea has our trust as long as they stop their programs. North Korea said they would launch their missles if we attacked, so that is the last thing we should do ( )

2 points

Why rush into this sort of issue? Two rights are being infringed upon in this sort of issue. One, the privacy rights of non-transgenders. Two, the equal protection of the transgenders. Clearly, not all people are ready to accept transgenders into their respective restrooms. In a world where the states are divided on this issue, the logical conclusion is to allow the states to decide for themselves. By throwing down an executive order that gives trans people the power to enter the bathroom corresponding to their identity, Obama directly infringed upon the privacy rights of non-trans citizens. What Trump is doing is in fact correct. Instead of tipping into an extreme, he is allowing states to decide for themselves. Instead of rushing into a conclusion, Trump is allowing the United States to sort of "test the waters."

kevja(5) Clarified
1 point

Kevja here. This was my comment. whoops. So i need to fill in at least 50 characters. Well. Taxation and military were my points here. Arts are not Const. Fed gov needed more power to support country. That's why Const was made.

2 points

The Anti-Feds argue for a system that empowers the common man. This sort of system is too easily manipulated and too easily susceptible to mob rule. Farmers know not of how to run a country. They scare themselves stating how they fear elites running America. In this new system of government, the people must be able to trust their government. Unfortunately, the Anti-Feds choose to distrust the government opting instead to empower the states. This is not the United States of America. This is united States of America.

3 points

The people of America are too inexperienced. They lack the proper knowledge to run America. I am sure that the Anti-Feds have the best interest in mind, but farmer John certainly does not know what is good for the country. On the subject of the House of Representatives, the number of reps is too little. This leads to a concentration of power in one area making the public interests unsafe. Yes Anti-Feds, we do care about the little guy. The proposed solution consists of 65 reps at first. Every 3 years, one representative is added for every 30,000 people.

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