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RSS Khfan22

Reward Points:14
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1 point

Burger King fries leave a weird after-taste in your mouth, while McDonald's fries do not. Also, I still believe that Burger King fries are fried in chicken fat, which is both unhealthy and disgusting. McDonald's fries are not. Since both are fast food, i prefer neither. But if I had to choose, it would definitely be McDonald's. They have even come to bring in more healthy choices on their menu, while there aren't any improvements for the BK Lounge (from what I hear from commercials, all they care about is the Whopper). McDonald's always seems to just be...better.

1 point

I love skittles because no matter how many I eat, I can still go for more. With Reese's it's like you have a few and you're full.

2 points

I would be helping with benefits, but not benefits to myself. And I would love to buy stuff, do drugs and have sex with random people. and then I would die in some incredibly awesome, deadly accident. Like my parachute wouldn't deploy while I was skydiving or something. So I'd die happy.

1 point

if it was:

rape--abortion should be allowed.

consentual--abortion should not be allowed. you knew what the consequences of your actions would be, now you have to accept it.

The only exception would be if the pregnancy could endanger the health of the mother.

5 points

"money can buy you happiness. dont let nobody tell you different."

-Queen Latifah's character in "Mad Money".

If I was rich, but sad, I would buy myself something and use that to make myself happy. I'd use my money to travel the world, or fund research for a cure for cancer, or something heroic like that.

2 points

As soon as Lite FM changes to Christmas music (the day after Thanksgiving), I consider the Christmas season started. And i get filled with glee.

1 point

Am I right to dislike Male Hindu Indians that are 19 years old?

i dont really, just trying to prove a point.

0 points

I understand where people would be coming from when they say they don't want their children to be gay. Of course I'd love to see my son or daughter grow up, get married, and produce grandchildren for me to spoil. But if they turned out to be gay, I wouldn't mind. I'd be more concentrated on helping them to be able to get married than screaming at them for not wanting a partner of the opposite sex. If it's the way they feel, I can't change it, no matter what I believe (but I'm all for homosexuality--support love!).

0 points

I'm not sure if this is a true fact, but I heard that the Towers were structurally designed to fall straight down, in the way that they did, to avoid damaging any surrounding buildings, and of course, people. So anyone who thinks that the Towers were brought down by multiple-floor explosives are...well, wrong.

1 point

I'm currently watching "Glee" on my Samsung LCD. the picture's great. Plasma TV's are a gimmick

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Matt 
Gender: Guy
Age: 28
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Education: High School

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