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RSS Khopkins

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1 point

They do not want to be kings, but they want to see our country prosper. There is too much chaos when there is too much democracy. The Constitution and the government system is not meant to take away your rights, but to structure our country in order for it to have better national and international relationships. It helps solve issues instead of having no structure and too much democracy.

2 points

Although more freedom and less structure sound appealing to some, when it boils down to it, we cannot function without structure or things will get out of hand. With a growing country, more people means more problems and it is best to establish structure in order to avoid chaos in the United States. The purpose of the Constitution isn't to have full authority over everyone and everything like England, but it gives just the right amount of power. It is understandable that there is a fear of too much power without the Articles of Confederation, but the Constitution isn't meant to do that. The branches along with checks and balances help because no one branch will get too much power.

1 point

I am not necessarily disputing, but do you think our allies would turn on us for not helping them anymore since we are a huge part of the protection for them?

1 point

All of your opinions are great. Although there are pros and cons for every option (I am even debating with myself on which one to choose), I think that option 3 is the best solution. Not to sound too confident since anything could happen, but the United States is a strong country has a very powerful military, and the thought that North Korea is even "considering" to mess with us is very brave. North Korea has always been afraid of America due to our history, and I am thinking that maybe Kim is trying to fake intimidation and toughness in order to make North Korea seem more powerful than it really is. The country supposedly has one of the worst economies in the world. North Korea has ICBMs, but citizens literally have to turn the power off at night because they can't afford to run power and they don't have anything to eat. If they can't afford any of this, how can they afford nuclear weapons? I doubt that they have the material to enrich uranium to 97% for nuclear bombs and the ability to fit it in a nuclear war head. I feel like they say and act like they have these things. Even if their economy was based on trying to fund the nuclear system for their country, they can't just do that forever; their people will die off... In my opinion, I just don't think they are a nuclear threat. Maybe they want help with their economy and they WANT us to try to negotiate so they can get help??? There are so many possiblities which makes this so complicated. They could be a threat with missiles, but I just don't think they will go through with it. Anyway, if we make negotiations, we can have more peace and less unneccessary tension/fighting. Again, you never know what could happen, so I do still think we need to be prepared just in case of blackmail or other situations that cause NK to, for some reason, nuke us.

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