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RSS Kidem

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1 point

Science is key to our survival <<< where does it say Stem call research??? .

1 point

Religion over Science is a crime! Science is key to our survival and Governments shouldn't confuse ethic beliefs with our rights to survive as the human race.

1 point

Free is Good.... i look at Craiglist alot, Firefox has a add-on for picture preview to you dont have to go into each entry to view them, they show the pictures next to the entry.

3 points

I have never known anyone looking better being a quitter. If i would of quit at everything that i knew i was going to loose at i wouldn't be where im at today!!!! Quitting is for the weak!!!!


1 point

Why drop out now after all that money she has put in and its been a close race.... it be stupid to give up even if u know u would loose... giving up is worse than loosing.


1 point

i do know life does exist, maybe not like human or animal like but bacteria and such is a form of living organism. So if that exist i would say it could be possible we are not alone :)


3 points

LOL please!!! LOL LOL ummm key word Market... well first u have to have something to market :) You guys have admited that they dont make alot of things for MACs games, software etc wonder why....

Let me guess you all think a MAC is more secure than a PC too??? please someone say something yeah like what viruses are for macs or soemthing like that...LOL there is a reason MAC's dont get viruses its cause there not used like PC's are.... Give me a MAC and a PC beside each other with all ther dandy security tools you can possibly run.... PC will win it has the most experience in that field... MAC is not more secure it is less secure for the fact its never had the market for hackers to attack the OS massively. It has a ton of exploits...there jsut now starting to hit... is a great place to hang out.


-9 points
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Winning Position: ET exist
Winning Position: All throttle no bottle
Winning Position: Cult
Winning Position: Unresolved

About Me

Biographical Information
Gender: Male
Age: 43
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Education: College Grad

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