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RSS Kk0bbr

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2 points

stupid atheists, having opinions and such. have you ever seen an athiest protest against people who do believe in god or against what they believe? no. you see some internet rants. and conversations against it.

have you seen Christians protesting things that they don't believe in? yes! gay marriage, etc.

1 point

thats why they changed the bill and ran it through again, so it wasn't the same.

you got that from fox new right?

some people just believe everything their told. stupid.

1 point

The more extreme Christians (like the one who started this debate) thinks that they are entitled to something. Don't they get it? Separation of church and state. What's there not to understand here. They think that everyone in the US should live by there moral standards. Newsflash idiots, you are not everyone, and not everyone is Christian.

1 point

Why don't you ask a few gay people?

I'm pretty sure that someone who's not can't really answer that.

2 points

This is the difference between humans and animals.

Animals learn from their instincts and entirely on what their parents have taught them on how to survive, with a few, minor exceptions.

In humans, we develop our own thought. True, it's usually influenced by our ancestors and history and past event's, but we make progress. We constantly come up with new ideas defying the old and improving life. To give this right up to a child is creating a mindless, imagination less brainwashed zombie kid who is run by tradition and not his own thoughts, like most animals.

1 point

Even if there was only one religion, people still would have different opinions. Only when every human being is accepting of every other human beings practices and religions and opinions will there actually be a better place. If we had one religion, there would be a lot of positive changes.

John Lennon - Imagine
1 point

Yeah we should! Who's to deny you the right of freedom of expression? It's only when action is taken that it becomes an issue.

1 point

Ahhh, yes. Of course everyone who does weed will do other drugs. Clearly you don't know anyone who smokes weed and your just reciting the DARE propaganda they told you. If something harmless like weed can lead to something dangerous like meth, than drinking milk leads to vodka. Not everyone who smokes weed is stupid enough to try any other drug. And you don't build up tolerance and NEED something. I know tons of people who smoke everyday and get better grades than non smokers, haven't tried any other drugs, and are less zombie like than someone spouting out propaganda someone told to them.

And btw, all my friends who smoke are usually A LOT more interesting than people who don't.

1 point

Well our invasion has led to 1,400,000...

I don't think it's that unreasonable.

1 point




Oh yes, because you don't want to live in a world like that, no one else should! How dare anyone else want to do something that you disagree with! What a terrible crime! And did you know that if it was legalized, it could be easily grown in any house that has electricity and water?!!?! Good thing we don't have to tax things we make ourselves. I love pot, but think meth is a terrible thing. But I'm not gonna tell anyone they can't smoke pot or do meth because I don't like it. That's what an ignorant person as yourself would want. And also, maybe if we legalized weed which has less health problems as opposed to cigs and alcohol, we wouldn't have to legalize meth, because it has shown it's devastating to your health. If we legalize weed, you don't HAVE to legalize other drugs moron.

Your argument has failed my friend.

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