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RSS Klasicm

Reward Points:69
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

This is the video debate for Group 9A - the dam at Hetch Hetchy should be removed.

Group 9A: The dam at Hetch Hetchy should be removed
1 point

This is the debate video for Group 9B - the argument that the damn should NOT be removed.

Group 9B: The dam at Hetch Hetchy should not be removed
1 point

Here is the video for group 8b - water quality over water quantity.

Group 8b: water quality over water quantity
2 points

Here is the video from group 8A-- water quantity over water quality.

Group Debate 8A
1 point

This is pro side -> groundwater and surface water should be managed conjunctively. Enjoy!

Managing GW & SW Together
1 point

This it the con stance (they should be managed separately). Go this link and login with your ucdavis credentials to view the ppt. Once you click on "present" and move to the second slide, audio will began automatically. ucdavisedu/ERi8PKjXM9tMtCroFzd2XWsBdrbNtdTv2n92VBqO2jVUgg

2 points

Hi All: I'm including the link to the Group 6A debate video. Note that because of the permissions that are currently set, you can only view the presentation in google slides. The view only permission will not allow for listening to the audio(!?)-- so note that I messaged the group to see if they can change the permissions!

In the meantime, you can check out the slides and also see text on the bullet points in the notes sections of most slides!

1 point

This is the video for Group 6B: the idea that humans should receive more emphasis in California water planning than the environment.

I've embedded a YouTube link, but you can also access/download the video here:

Group 6b: Humans should have more emphasis
2 points

This is the video for the Debate Group 5A: Pro NoCal moving water to SoCal!

Video for Debate Group 5A

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