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RSS Kmjnhh123

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1 point

Modern life has helped us to be lazy, cars, computers, email etc. but mums theese days have a hard life having to work and look after the house and kids. but wouldent you think women would get bored of peeling potatoes like 150 times a year or something, its just not that anymore these days, with the world becoming easy everyday its gonna get a lot easyer.

1 point

Yes, right away my parents dont allow it and im bloody anoyed, ive gt a girfreind and want to do it now, its been longer enough and were gettin anoyed that we cant!!!

1 point

We really do not no what they can do to us. they make some people feel weird and all other sorts of feelings. thats not normal so we assume there scary and not many people have witnessed them so if we all seen them we would be less scared.

1 point

What would you rather have organic food for more money or non organic and some spare change to buy other other stuff!

2 points

Its up to the people that pay and want it! It does feel good so at the end of the day if u want it go and find it!

1 point

For how many cars there are in the world work out how many trees and space we would need!!

1 point

If google or apple bring out a games console they would take the market for some years!

1 point

Ok apart from unlimted wishes i wuld like to see the lotto numbers and then win!!

1 point

imagine seeing the lotto numbers and winning 60 million =)

1 point

If everything was free from the one before, so a hardrive would be free from a store and then the shop would get free electrity etc then the people that made the hardrive would get the parts and stuff for free till it comes down to the beggining, the earths resources!!

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Winning Position: The internet!
Winning Position: Google
Winning Position: YES!
Tied Positions: everything vs. try harder
Winning Position: Happy Valentines Day
Winning Position: Burger king

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