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RSS Korihill06

Reward Points:124
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1 point

The mere fact that he started his ridiculous rant with " ... I don't know anything about her and I don't think in 8 weeks I'm gonna know anything about her" makes his whole argument weak and obsolete.

Thanks Matty, for that enlightening insight. Glad you will be making an "informed" decision in this year's election. Why don't you do us all a favor and put down those scripts and start picking up some research? Maybe then you won't sound like a complete clown.

3 points

When I envision a man who thinks in such close-minded, "GENERAL" terms (or one who goes by the moniker hamandcheese), I picture him sitting on a couch, drinking some stale PBR and laughing WAY too hard at Dane Cook stand up. Oh, did you not realize Homer Simpson is only funny because he's a satirical character? There, there.

3 points

Don't forget Amy Poehler!

1 point

Here's my argument: KLRPLR is DELUSIONAL. :-)

2 points

(Disclaimer: This is NOT my domain. Don't shoot the messenger.)

5 points

There are a lot of people out there who are very anti-SEO. I think they see it as a form of cheating the system ... but hey, gotta change with the times. The internet is evolving. If you aren't optimizing for search engines these days, you're just being stubborn and most likely trying to make a point.

2 points

Maybe a debate about the new Facebook chat feature, since it's so new and I'm sure the internet community is wondering what the general consensus is about the product.

2 points

Stroking the egos is always a good way to go.

2 points
The Bassmaster tournaments can actually be pretty entertaining. I think it has to do with the atmosphere. Golf is a little too serious for me. I also love fishing and SUCK at golf, so that may give a little insight to my opinion ....
2 points
I love your argument. As asinine as I think certain beliefs in this world are, I always try my best, as a human being, to be tolerant and accepting of however any other fellow human being decides to come to terms with their existence on this earth. People want answers to EVERYTHING and when they don't have the answer to such a big question (WHY?), they may come up with some seemingly crazy ideas. But who are any of us to judge?
And I just got way too deep on the Tom Cruise debate ...
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Winning Position: What is the hottest DC sport ticket in town right now?
Winning Position: Hermione Granger
Winning Position: PS3

About Me

"oh hai"

Biographical Information
Name: Kori Hill
Gender: Female
Age: 36
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States

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