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RSS Kotarski

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4 points

"Ya, sure!! but keep it with your friends because the more words this language has, the more harder for this language to be taught to other people who dont speak this language."

I don't have a problem. You clearly do. "the more harder"

1 point

1. The USA was built upon Britain.

2. Britain had, at one point the largest empire - EVER

3. America is generally SHITE

4. You voted George Bush as president

5. Americans are stupid, You are Stupid

6. Sorry America is a lovely country. But it's like France, ruined by the French.

1 point

Sunbeds, however aren't the only way of getting cancer. Perhaps those who can't afford healthcare costs will not go to sunbeds but theres this big yellow ball in the sky which can do the same thing.... What is it? That's Right. The sun.

NEWSFLASH! Poor people can also get cancer. Are you saying that just because they have less money they should just die.

People are always saying that you should do what you love. What if you love doing something that doesn't earn you much money?

Anyway because they have more money they pay more taxes. If you your neighbour both earn an equal amount of money and have a similar lifestyle and your neighbour gets cancer. Sure if your selfish you can say he can pay for his own health but really niether deserve it any more than the other. It's better to pay more collectively than for individuals to suffer.

1 point

@ Lisajo

That being said people who overuse sunbeds out of free choice cause a drain on the NHS. Cancer is very expensive to treat. I don't know whether you live in England or not but here the heath survice is funded by taxes. Why should I pay more for other peoples selfish tanning actions?

4 points

C'mon who doesn't wanna be rich.

But I wouldn't go so far as to kill people, just cut a few corners.

As I have got older and less naive it's annoyed me more and more how over-moral Marge Simpson and Lisa Simpson are.

2 points

Anyone who's stupid enough to die from Lego probably deserves it. The human race is better without them. If we don't have death from people eating lego it will carry on happening. Only if lots of people doe from lego will we evolve not to die from lego. You see?

Death is good for evolution and the human race in the long run, whenever possible it should be encouraged.


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