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RSS Kountakine

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

France is known for its culture to mock around people , i must agree this.

But what is the importance of mocking around people, why would you offend someone?

Why do you want to pull the trigger to someone , if you know that this person will go mad if you talk to him like that.

I understand that it is vital to have freedom of speech, to have cultural debates.

As we have different form of criticism , i highlight the moral critics here, about our ethic, and how we humans should live together in a "democratic country" imposing that mockery is important I really cannot see the importance. Because it will triggers some people's fury, as you may have insulted his beloved "idol, mother"

Oh, and something came into my mind so i'll throw this and go back to my subject ,

Also why did Dieudonne get jailed if he mocked around charlie hebdo? straight away after the shooting?! isn't that the same thing the magazine did? "incitement of terrorism" but apparently Dieudonne provoked blasphemy , to me it makes less sense

If i go on and you mock around my appearance, and i ask you to stop, however you dont, and continue to mock around my hole families appearance, there will be a high chance that I will become aggressive towards you.

David Cameroon said apparently to counter the pope Francis that" we should mock , and that if someone feels offended cannot do anything against it" because his ideology is that people should be free to "offend" in a free society.

Tomorrow I will then go on the street and offend everyone , starting from the queen Elizabeth(i will get jailed), then her family and son(i will be in court), I will then mock about every personality who affected many people and will publicize this(i will get hated and will receive death treats). Should I do that? I believe no, because this wont help us to move forward and live together whether I am the immigrant or they are, we can have mutual respect always, and make debate critically about stuff, without having to mock, because this just isn't the right way.

0 points

If those people want a caliphate let them!

UK's foreign policy and other western polices has left some Muslims feeling isolated and seeking an alternative solution.

I as a muslim believe in the concept of caliphate, I blieve in a true leader, as that person follows the sharia law, and the quran and sunna, we muslim have lived like that for centuries until the ottoman empire.

I do not know what to think of Islamic state for the moment, Yes they beheaded now the second american journalist, which i OPPOSE , as i think that person was having moderate view towards muslim and went to the middle east to report his news as freelancer.

However I can understand their frustration when for years their country have been exploited by western nation and become westernised, some arab nation live in constant war because of the western nation, or they suffer because of the western policies.

You kill one men, you get 10 more behind your back, I blelieve we as muslim , we have that heart, that if one muslim gets killed we want to revenge back our brother/sister and have justice, and dont talk about the UN because the UN Is very selective when it comes to who they help, and the right of veto is even more unbalanced and give the superpowers the right to dictate!

By seen a caliphat establishing itself and erasing fictional borders,by implement the sharia, well thats good for muslim, but I also have heard they have extreme views which is less appealing as the muslim man , is a juste man!

1 point

Sad but truth. Unfortunately even thr the media has this mass campaign on the hand and now businesses try to use it too

1 point

The same goes for the evolutionists. Stop your fallacies! !!!!

1 point

Well you can choose to believe it. Or not. Same as you don't believe in hereafter? Because i haven't died and came back from it i can't believe in it.

My point is you should be open minded perhaps. As reinforcing that believe will not take you to understand the subject.

Someone believing or having faith in religion will doubtly accept it. Someone who isn't will be sskeptical. Hard to answer......

1 point

Let me ask you how much 1+1=? 2

Yes this is a consensus we all have. It is logical, proven by all methods universally accepted.

Now i dont believe in evolution as you don't believe in god. Saying that there are numerous proof which supports it is a fallacy because there a as many facts not supporting it. We should only teach in a PUBLIC school what has been agreed in a universal consensus. Because this will show us that we all can demonstrate it and there is no other way We have studied it and concluded all that in the same way that this is the only answer to it

The fact that I can plant a seed and it becomes a flower, share a bit of knowledge and it becomes anther's, smile at someone and receive a smile in return, are to me continual spiritual exercises. that quotation is what you try to impose to our children which i cant accept. However you can teach it in a atheist school

1 point

Well i believe that this really depends of your culture or where you have grown up. I tend to see that older generation in asia Africa arab do not really accept it. As they want to keep their nationality and they where so nationalist that they cannot comprehend leaving their family. I mean by that , there is a fear of loss CCulturally.

However in Western nations they promote interracial marriage. The youth are tend towards this more nowerdays.

kountakine(88) Clarified
1 point

Yes, they thought they will pay up the borrowed money, many African states where plunges into this, until the done structural adjustments which was just taking control. However we can't just finish with that, as we have other factors like corruption, which plays a major role in debt countries,and there are more factors which influences this.

1 point

I believe that they can, as long the respect and freedom of choice to choose the religion or belief they want to.But again the respect must be there, otherwise this can lead into a clash. As we had different scenarios during the last decades where people don't respect other, and leaves anger,clashes,dispute which were quiet violent.

1 point

because your English is positively atrocious and I may have misunderstood

Well I want to point out that I learned the english language so far within 2 years, living in London, and last time I took English classes was 7 years ago(during 1 year). So I do understand that I dont speak as good than you, but therefore I accompplished what many people did not, and speaking 4 other languages!

Our earliest, truly mammalian ancestors actually were sort of like piglets.

This is the typical answer of an evolutionist, pretending that humans ancestors were mammals then they metamorphose to primates, and then they metaporphose to anthropoids and so on..

Mammals are diverse as the eastern kangoroo, the fox squirrel, the elephant shrew, the humpback, etc.

You didnt prove anything instead you just mix up everything like a cocktail telling me only that they use to have similarity, you are very creative!

we have evidence suggesting a direct evolutionary connection in our recent past to simians.

Give us a source, or explanation.

what I do know is that several time, the archeologes pretended having found transitional skull after it has been revelead to be a lie, that they used some some sort of "superglue".

Another issue is that evolutionist pretend having plausible answer like that Australopithecus transformed to homos, all of a sudden(guess how long this transformation took?!) Note that there was nothing in between, it happen suddenly! even when the difference is salient! It happen abrutly! Another point is between the Neandertal and Homo sapien, within only 200000 years! abrutly again! we have profound, dramatic change! therefore they need always to present a famous missing link!

I could go on...but I leave it for the moments being.

Natural selection is nowhere near being debunked,

The National Institute of Genetics in Japan and Scientists at Penn State, philosopher Jerry Fodor and cognitive scientist Massimo Piattelli-Palmarinihave and many more demonstrated that the natural selection is wrong!

Also darwin wrote the chapter difficult of theory and hoped that we could demonstrate it, indeed we did demonstrate it that it is completly wrong, but evolutionist try to find always some sort of transitional forme whenever we prove the misleading information. Also Francis Crick 1 of the 2 scientist who discoverd the ADN state himself that it is impossible that this happen by chance.Even if we study the cells we can see how complex the structure is and the probabilitythat this happen by chance its impossible, what about the proteine, what is the chance that this happen by chance?Or study the ARN you will admire it!and much more.

Of course we have 95% similarity in the DNA of the apes, but only 1% difference make a huge huge difference perhaps about 30 million error in the information.Also want to point out that we share 50% of the dna of a banana, perhaps we use to be banana?lol It is normal that a designer is using the same tool but he is creating different species with these tools.

Humanity could have destroyed itself by now five times over, because of nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Well indeed like in 1983 Soviet nuclear false alarm, or in the Arab-Israeli war in 1973 a high nuclear alert called by kissinger.Or the Cuban missle crises..And now, the present prapaganda pretending that Iran develops nuclear weapon, such a brainwashing information..

There are many innumerable cases when when nuclear intervention has been abroted only moments before launch.

We separate ourselves into nations and other social groups because it's within our nature to act like lesser animals and compete with one another, territorially.

It is normal that we are devided in different social groups, and being challenged sometimes by a cultural chock, because, we life in our ethnocentrical group, therefore we must use Cultural relativism.

But to eliminate each other to the point of threatening our dominance on the planet?

Is this not happening? Arent we moving towards a totalitarian world, where is the so called "rule of the demos" in the US or europe. We live in a society where elites are having the upper hand, the same elits who are creating money out of thin air, the same elits who are working in the IMF and lend money to poor country andafter not being able to repay, they take their assert and ressoucre. The same elits who are brainwashing people with missinformation, the same elits who are just looking for their own interst! Is this not threatening the dominance of the planet?

The one who controle the past, controls the present and the one controling the present controls the future!

I suspect that one great challenge of our current state of evolution is culturally growing past the need for violence No wonder why, we are exposed to it since we are kids with all this useless entertainment.

But, destroy the world? It may be possible, but I am more optimistic then you.

I didnt say there is not any hope, I know there are millions of people who are trying to change this world in a better place, but what about the rest of it, they are in the world which the society is advertissing, looking upon stars, gosspi, mode, music, I mean by that, the society is trying to tell us what life is; to work 8h, to buy useless staff, to sleep, to go in holiday. This chain, which is telling us, this is the way we must live, this is what you must buy. Most of the people are like that, only a minority has woken up and try to help the rest of the world, western countries are exploiting so much the poorer countries, therefore I think the chances are very small.

You say humanity is the same and unchanging. Every generation born is more empathetic and social then the last. Every generation strives more for peace and less for war

I perhaps talked to fast, I ment that people are changing, but the elites are still ruling the world, We are advocting for peace, because our parents lived in the period of war, we learned from it. But why is there war?Same as why did the Reagan administration wanted to go in war? Some people try to take controle of the world and their resources, and these people will always existe.These are the same who are diving us into their society. Western country are promoting democracy, so the elits cant anymore act as like in the past, they must act like a shadow. Why do you think otherwise we have all these useless stuff, why they push our children to dress in a way where you can see all the form off their body.What is really what we need? Indeed the society is promoting something completly different, because big coporation are having the words.

Where do you see a president Obama saying I love war? No! There are new ways of promoting such things, all this Propaganda, of yes we can. They use the fear and pretend to protect us from the Evil. But they never apologiz off all the millions of inocent killed children or drone attacks.

What about Thanksgiving day, we promote all the beautifull stuff, but we dont speak about the land being stolen from the native indian, the genocide. The movies promoting indians as bad people, and the cowboy being the good one..

Yes we love peace, but in australia, we have the australia day.We dont hear that the people who settled in australia where criminals and they have been displaced as far as possible from europe which is Australia, and what are we doing for the aborigines.And that australia is a dumping waste for nuclear facilities. So we call that the LUCKY DAY, the AUSTRIALA DAY and we jump all around, and drink beer. Thats the kind of propaganda I talk about.

The same way that The Rotshield influecend the WW2 . I never heard about that when I was in school, I had to research to understand.

We would be okay with people being stoned to death. What is wrong with it, if that person comitted a crime, which is under the law of that country. You find it choking because of your ethnocentrical group, and your believes.

We are the dominate species upon this planet. So, like any other creature, we are changing, adapting, to survive better.

Indeed we do, we all passing trough different kinds of emotions, sarrow, laugh, happyness, and the rest.

Hence, each one of us we are same, we feel all the same, and go trough these emotions. We believe we are all different, that my life is mine, my tought is my. Thats what the society tells us. They say, you are different, you have to be individualistic, you have to get lot of money etc.

You can analyze what are you different to me, execpt of my physical outside difference but I mean analyze my inside deep of me, deep of you. We feel all the same.

So if we want to have a better world, we cant act as individual.We must all be modest, we must all care for each other, even if my culture is different to yours, even if on one country they stone to death if someone commits a crime of 1 degree, and other culture they just jail that person, we must still care for each other.

So when I say human being is still brutal..etc I mean that most of us we are just individualistic. Therefore we can be very dangerous

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