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RSS Kprv

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I absolutely believe in God. But I suppose I aught to provide a little more stronger reasoning than simply "the book says He exists" or "people have always believed in a divine being of some sort." I believe because I find that it makes sense with me. Many atheists have stated that religion is something that "common" people used to explain things they did not understand. I firmly believe that religion has a place in any society and that religion and science can be reconciled by a little open mindedness on both parts. There are far too many people on both sides of the argument that believe that the other side is absolutely wrong and must be redeemed. But I think that people have a right to believe in what they will, and not be condemned by any mortal for it.

Also we should accept that someone else believes something differently, and have a inviolable right to do so.

4 points

it really depends on what the person appreciates as well as on the conception of "happy life". some people may say that if a student doesn't have good grades, he is likely to be an unemployed person in the future. but, in my opinion, it doesn't matter where and how you studied. all depends on your ambitions, plans. you can be a very good businessman even without a diploma. also, for some people "happy life" doesn't mean just achievement of materialistic things. that's why we can't say that people can live a happy llife just because of a good education

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