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RSS Kristine

Reward Points:71
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

That is called a happy ending, right ?

Everything is not sure be Ok in the end ......

1 point

Keynes is the best economist. I like him even his theory makes me feeling headache :)

1 point

I live in VietNam, i think that in VietNam doesn't have more freedom like American or ... i don't know. But i think freedom in VietNam is enough for me to do the things which i like.

I really like to live in VietNam, i love my country, i love our government because i realize that no country can security like my country.

If i can choose, i will choose security to save my family life.

2 points

If i can be chosen, i would have chosen wolf. I don't like to live an easy life. Day after day same same, so the life will lost its meaning if everything is easy to do, and easy to live =)). I like to challenge ....

1 point

What is Mayan ? Are they God ? And all things which they said are the truth and we must believe in it .... I don't believe 2012 the world is end. The world is destroyed by human by us ...and i think it will be end in another day but it is not 2012 ... Now we must save the earth, save for our live ... :)

1 point

Sometimes, tell a lie is not bad, because it is a white lie ... hihihi.

And women like to hear the good things, for example: you are looking well today, or you are beautiful ... although she is very very normally ... but she is like it ...

So i think, in some case lies are not bad

2 points

I agree with you man. His voice is so strange ... i like your opinion :P

1 point

He used the "fuck" word many times in his speech =)).

This is absolutely brilliant and side stitch funny!

I liked his face and his voice ... so funny

6 points

We should give him another opportunity. I saw that he tried to work his best. No reason we don't give him another opportunity ... I think that.

1 point

His voice is really special. I didn't heard the voice like that before ... Maybe he is old so his voice likes that =)), just kidding. Anyway, i liked his voice

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About Me

"Honest and friendly"

Biographical Information
Name: Kristine Tran
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 11594

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