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RSS Krnboi93

Reward Points:42
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4 points

No, fantasizing about murdering people is just sick and wrong. You would have to have a wrong mindset in order to think those thoughts. Just wrong

3 points

ya but you could get a job not a leading one but an employee, but i guess you would probably be hated by everybody there at the work place but you could still get a job

3 points

I'd say resign you could always find another good paying job with that job on your resume

2 points

Batman is better because he uses his brains and his gadgets to fight crime and is mortal and does not use some cheap superpowers.

2 points

Of course I would if there was a way. It would definitely increase my faith

7 points

Yes because God has pulled me out through the hard times, and is the one and only God who loves unconditionally and is fair. If you want a scientific view He created this Earth and there is no way this Earth could have been created by some accident. A cell with its complicated parts could not have been created by an accident either, but only by God and his perfection.

7 points

if you get your permit at 14 you pretty much got a year to practice driving. That is plenty enough time to become a pro like driver

3 points

In the first Korean war an armistice was signed but a formal peace treaty wasn't. So the possibility of another war between the two countries can still happen, and with North Korea's aggression against other countries and its overpowering military and all the missiles. It could happen

3 points

Dan in Real Life The movie was always quiet and there were barely to no funny parts in it even Steve Carrell and Dane Cook were in it. It was just a disappointment and it did not deliver as good as previews made it seem

5 points

A virus would probably be an example of being alive and dead. They move around and have RNA in them some have DNA, which both is the programming of life, but they don't have cells or anything like that

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Winning Position: what is the best movie you ever saw?
Tied Positions: gradual die out then mass extinction vs. Chuck Norris
Winning Position: Batman

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Michael Chang
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Postal Code: 99502
Religion: Christian-other
Education: High School

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