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RSS Krugenford

Reward Points:21
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1 point

I prefer neither autocracy nor democracy.

Autocracy is flawed because it contradicts the basic human desire for freedom.

Democracy is flawed because the average person is literally stupid, so we get a system representative of stupid people. And, ironically, that system closely resembles an autocracy.

1 point

Thank you friend.

I will take the downvote as an indication of the affirmative.

2 points

Even with your fundamental nihilism, I believe you have a preference of oughts based on what you believe to be reasonable given the human condition.

But with your fundamental narcissism I believe I would be correct in assuming that you find it extremely difficult to put honesty before ego, yes?

1 point

He has actively removed many of your posts and debates

No he hasn't, liar. They are all still there and my points score hasn't changed. Addltd isn't here often, and doesn't have time to moderate individual posts. He just bans the accounts he gets the most complaints about.

Your Freudian projection really backfired on this occasion, did it not?

Watch your back, paedophile.

1 point

Most of the debates and arguments that you did this on conservanazi ha e been since deleted by Andy as I reported every single one but if I feel like it and if the proof is there I'll take a look later.

Nice try liar, but Andy only banned the account. He didn't touch any of my posts:-

Now I know you are a paedophile. Well played.

1 point

Hello hater and science denier..

I am absolutely intrigued how you can claim to be Jewish and yet plagiarise Nazi propaganda techniques such as the continued repetition of slander which you know to be false. Don't you feel any sense of irony, guilt or shame?

Neither of your attacks has any merit. In fact, the latter is the demonstrable opposite of the truth. I have spent many days patiently explaining the difference between DNA and religion to you, but inevitably you continue to respond like a Nazi because your ego is too fragile to accept the reality of being wrong.

I guess, as a commie

I'm a democratic socialist. This is getting pathetic.

you simply DON'T believe profit driven enterprises

You are trying to deflect your own false claim that MyHeritage.Com is a "scientific company". It is not a scientific company. It is an ancestry website.

that a company doing science is actually DOING SCIENCE...

You have ultimately proven that this company is doing the opposite of science. It is trying to conflate religion with biological DNA, which implies its mission is religious and not scientific.

Seriously, you sound like you'll have to KILL yourself if Jews are a race.

Baiting your opponent so you then have an excuse to complain about them is another Nazi technique. It is very strange how familiar you appear to be with Nazi propaganda.

In any case, I have already thoroughly explained how and why Jews are not a race. I have no intention of repeating myself just because you are a nasty, stupid little man.

krugenford(21) Clarified
1 point

Coming from someone who jokes about touching them

Evidence please psychopath. You'd better find it because otherwise the chances are extremely high that this claim is Freudian projection and you are a paedophile as well as a psychopath.

1 point

Oh I am.not pointlessly aggressive at all.

You seem to be under the blissfully false impression that we should give your words priority over your behaviour. Your statement doesn't really hold much weight given that you -- without provocation -- ordered me to take my own life.

Surely you cannot be so ignorant that you do not know many people have taken their own lives as a result of bullying such as this, so we are forced to confront the alternative: that you are in fact a psychopath.

1 point





Are you aware that repeating simple words and phrases which he knew to be untrue was the central basis of Hitler's propaganda about Jews and/or Communists?

Hence, on the one hand, you claim to be Jewish. On the other, you are copying Hitler as an alternative to admitting how wrong you are.

1 point

I dunno.. I got you, a Jew hater

You cannot support your claim with any evidence because you know it is false. You are deliberately telling lies and yet you claim to be on the political left. Now, I dunno much about people on the political left, but I DO KNOW they aren't liars.

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