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RSS Kurunzi

Reward Points:26
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10 most recent arguments.
0 points

without a doubt this is 'uber' sexy

0 points

yea definitely. its better that they think their going to a better place then to die and not to know what awaits them. Not knowing what happens to you after death is really scary, so imagine how a child will feel.

1 point

Depends what the scenario is.

1. If the person is critically ill and has no chance of survival, then yes it should be legal

2. But if they have got a high chance of survival then am not too sure if suicide or assisted suicide should be taken into consideration.

1 point

hmmmm id have to go for heaven, even though am not feeling the whole 'eternity' business their. but hey, isint that the greatest goal in life? to go to heaven.

0 points

ahhh man, all the points i made for the 'no' section should b in the yes section. am new to this sorrry!!!

1 point

look their are so many planets and galaxies, when someone says UFO most of you are probably thinking super smart aliens with large spaceships, but i regard a UFO as ANY type of life form large or small. Earth dose not contain the only life form throughout the universe.

0 points

"Of course he would be quite bored, because of this whole omniscience thing, but I'm sure he would be understanding."

did God create the world for his entertainment to watch how humans will act towards each other?

and the omniscience part, if he he all knowing then this means he knows everything their is to know about the future of each individual human and that we have not got our own destiny, we have been set an path to follow without our knowledge.

0 points

im intrested into finding out how many people would actuly critise god onto how bonevolient he is.

if their was actually a God would you respect him? would you become a follower? or.....would it make u angry that ther is a person who sits and watches as the world goes down hill with the power to intervene.

so my question is simple. would you respect god for making what the world is today??

10 points

what can be asserted without evidence can be also dismissed without evidence.

0 points

obviously, u got to be pretty unimaginative to think this planet holds the only lifeforms through out the universe's

About Me


Biographical Information
Name: David kurunzi
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Atheist
Education: In College

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