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1 point

I'm a little surprised not many people have voted this side. I don't know why but for me, if I'm paid well or even if I feel overpaid, I actually WANT to work harder and want to give more/go the extra mile. I also feel quite good each day or before working because I look forward to putting in the good work because I know I'm getting paid well.

If I'm not paid well, or feel that I'm getting less than I what I deserve, I get de-motivated and start being cheap and only doing the bare minimum.

Another way of looking at it is this way: when I have more, I give more. When I have less, I give less.

Are most of you the opposite? When you have more you want to give less? And when you have less, you want to give more?


1 point

Actually you do not understand what you are talking about. 3 dimensions are spatial, the fourth is time, yes. But, you can't say we live in a 4th dimensional world, because we don't live in 4 spatial dimensions, we only live in a 3 spatial dimensional world.

1 point

It's a simple question, obviously must be too difficult for some lower primates on this site to comprehend.

1 point

Well, to lower primates, you won't understand the complexity and magnitude of this question. To intelligent minds, you can see and understand how this question is actually a very hard one to define.

Thanks for the replies :)

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