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RSS Lauraorme

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Writing: "This ain't my first rodeo"

Picture: Cowboy on a horse

1 point

I love Snood! Not sure if it is still around, but I spent many an hour trying to knock those little Snoods down. Very addicting so don't check it out unless you have a lot of time to waste!

2 points

I think that Jason is going to win. He is super cute and so is his little boy. DeAnna seems to like him a lot, but he needs to get more one on one time. So far his baggage doesn't seem to bother her. I don't think they will get engaged on the season finale but will date following the show.

4 points

Saying the pledge of allegiance calls to mind our national identity and our country's history. It is a way of remembering where we are from and what we stand for. The pledge of allegiance unites us as we recite it as children and hopefully, as adults, each time we look at our flag we are reminded of the many battles fought to keep us free! It does not imply that we idolize our country or our flag but it certainly makes clear that we are one nation under God.

5 points

I agree that spanking is okay as long as it is used as a corective tool and does not become abusive. A child needs to know that there will be discipline from their parents. Punishment should be consistent and a reason for the punishment should always be made clear to the child. If someone choses not to spank, great. Raising children is difficult and I respect anyone who finds a way to have well disciplined and much loved children.

3 points

You better.... especially if it's an older or handicap lady. I'm still pretty young and in alright shape, I definitely don't need to sit, but I do appreciate it when a man offers me his seat. It's sweet!

2 points

I agree many of the necessary lessons that you learn, especially as a young person, in school have to do with discipline and commitment. Homework and projects not only allow the student to learn about the subject matter, but also teach responsibility which everyone needs to succeed in life.

7 points

I am a multitasker and in my car often for work. I use my cell phone all the time while driving and it does impede my driving capabilities. The worst is texting/bbming while driving. I should use hands free more, or just wait until I'm parked to use the phone!

2 points

I agree, there is evidence of evolution (and extinction) here on earth; it would be hard to deny that. Believing in evolution and a God is not in conflict, even if you believe that God created human life here on earth.

3 points

I chose to believe in the Christian religion and therefore believe that my soul will live on after my body's physical death. The idea of something as final as death with nothing after is hard for me to wrap my head around. Also, it makes it much harder to cope with other's deaths (as I recently have) if you don't believe in some sort of afterlife. It is comforting to believe that we will be reunited one day. On a side note, sometimes I think about reincarnation.... it would be nice to stay on earth and live as something/someone else to get another perspective on life.

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About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Laura Orme
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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