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RSS Laurjohn

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1 point

Most atheists I know have become so because they questioned their beliefs and have actually thought about them and considered them, as opposed to blindly conforming to whatever is thrown at them, It's just like characters like Santa and the tooth fairy: young children believe in them at first, until they start to question their beliefs, and eventually come to realise that they may not exist at all. belief in God is the same thing. Those who think about these things take it seriously, and as I have only seen atheists who thought about and questioned their beliefs, I am going to say that they do take the concept of God more seriously.

1 point

There shouldn't be a set age for this site. People can claim to be any age, anyway.

2 points

I would describe myself as an agnostic, which means I don't claim to know anything about the potential existence of God. I haven't been presented with any real evidence either way, so I think that God probably doesn't exist, but we really don't know. It is my prediction that one day there will be scientific proof that there is no God, which will cause the theism rates ti decrease dramatically.

Most people I know who believe in God do so either because they were told to as children, or for an easy answer to the question 'what happens when we die?'

-1 points

mandatory physical activity in schools is not a simple fix for child obesity, and yes, it would hurt.

If kids are unwillingly forced to participate in physical activity, they will automatically associate it with punishment and therefore see it as a bad thing. (This is an important part of psychological development, called classical conditioning). This means that, even if they take part in forced activity at school, they will cease it at their first available chance, and be less likely to continue the excercise AFTER school. So my view is that mandatory physical activity in schools does absolutely nothing about child obesity, if not making it worse.

2 points

I think this would be a bad thing. I know because I have experienced this myself. It won't do a thing for child obesity. If the kid doesn't want to participate in the activity, they won't. they'll resist, and make it worse for those who actually want to make the most of the opportunity. All of my PE classes were about 50% the teacher yelling at people to participate, while if people weren't forced to do it, much more time could be used wisely and benefit people who actually want to be there, as opposed to everyone having to deal with a few brats who are only there because it's part of the school's curriculum.

Besides, if a kid is obese, it's going to take a lot more than just a little extra activity to fix the problem. Plus, it's their problem, not the school's, or the government's, or anyone's.

In my experience, being forced to do PE has actually resulted in me hating sports with a passion. I was always naturally bad at sports (I have really bad motor coordination). I used to spend hours practicing catching a ball, with no result at all. Actually, it kind of made me even worse. This led to me being the subject of much embarrassment, teasing, and hatred from teachers and students, one of the major contributors to my taking 14 years to make a friend.

I am not fat, I'm actually a bit skinny. I eat well, and I do care about my health, but I rarely get sick and I have no health problems related to lack of excercise, so obviously I get just enough incidental excercise to keep me in good shape and balance my Kj intake.

1 point

I don't see any problems with allowing gay marriage.

I think the question here is, who has to allow for it, the federal government, state government or the individual church in question? I'm sure there are some people out there who would be prepared to get married in another state. This already occurs a bit with surrogate mothers.

1 point

I agree with you but, um, I think you belong on the other side of this debate

1 point

You obviously don't live in a country where they distinguish football from soccer.

Maybe going back on topic would be a good idea...

1 point

"LOL! Only faggot teens listen to that shit."

You just offended me very deeply with that 'argument'.

I would demand that you apologise, but you don't deserve the free point.

That was a very mean thing for you to say. Now, I happen to think that modern music (anything after the 60's) is shit, but that doesn't mean I think everyone who listens to it is a faggot. What you said is just as stupid as calling someone a faggot because he prefers football over soccer.

1 point

I think a better topic would be "Education of boys is a burfen", seeing the vast majority (in my experience) of boys don't do anything at school and don't want to be there.

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