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1 point

the point of this is to NOT contradict yourself. guys and pedophiles? ....dumb. how many of those are there in a year?

1 point

In no situation, aside from health problems leading to the death of the mother and child, should abortion ever become an option. If you are not ready to be a mother, you didn't plan for it, etc., it's still not an option. Would you go out and murder someone walking down the street? So why would you ever kill an innocent, unborn human? Especially one that is half of you? Even if rape is involved, would you murder an innocent neighbor child because you were raped? Think of how your life would be different if even one person you know had never existed: multiply that by hundreds of thousands. More people have been killed by abortions (in the US only) in the past six years than Jews died in the Holocaust (there are app. 1.37 mil each year). By this time tomorrow, app. 3,700 more babies will be dead. I truly am sorry if it was a mistake, if the mother's not ready, even if there was rape involved. But that is still no reason to take a human life! I am fourteen (yes, fourteen), and I would not do it! Never would it even cross my mind! Only God can create life; only He should take it away. You wouldn't kill your family, you wouldn't kill a friend, you wouldnt kill a child (or anyone!) on the street, why in the Hell (literally!!!) would you kill an innocent baby, especially your own?

by the way, the statistics in this argument are taken from > fastfacts.html<.

2 points

Disgruntled kid? I think not. And, to answer your question, YES, I will be perfectly fine with my children doing everything I do when I go out late at night- walk around, meet friends, see a movie, enjoy myself.

And for your additional information, I do my homework (GPA-4.4), and you very well know that only few teenage girls get pregnant, and that does not mean that every one of us does. Obviously, if teens believe it is ok to be sexually active at such a young age and when unmarried, then obviously the parents (that would be you in case you didn't catch on, joe) have done something wrong to lead their teens to believe that.

I will not be a good little girl and go to bed-although it is extremely late, I have to stay up doing my homework.

1 point

thank you, this is exactly the kind of sensible explanation some adults need to hear from teenagers to see the logical side of this. My town does have curfews, although no one knows what they are and they are not enforced.

2 points

Amen! Amen! How can some people ignore this logic? .

1 point

the world needs to learn from its own experience.

no one will learn anything if no one ever makes mistakes

1 point

but how did you learn that?

by having the experience. ;)

1 point

thank you for hurting your own side of the argument! i can assure you all, most teenagers (at least all the ones _I_ know), just want to hang out!! if teens are breaking the law by smoking or drinking, they should be on probation or in juvie! if they are irresponsible enough to have sex at that age, maybe their parents shouldn't be letting them out??

this is an issue of parenting, not legislating.

3 points

i completely agree. i am 14 (haha) and neither my mother, my friends, my friend's mothers, nor i, have problems with us being out until 10 or 10:30. when i am 16, my parents will most likely allow me to stay out until around midnight, seeing as i am responsible and not a trouble maker.

and, by the way, the majority of us teenagers don't 'fornicate' as soon as the clock goes past 10, and making all the responsible ones stay in won't stop the others from doing it.

my town has teen curfew laws (although they are not enforced), and i think it is one of the stupidest laws to waste time passing.

1 point

that is too harsh. most, if not all, on this side have mentioned the acception of rape. besides that, it is not society's problem that two people took a chance-fully aware of the outcomes-and negative effects took place.

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