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RSS Leahliberty

Reward Points:28
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

it shouldn't be banned but you should have a licence for having a wild animal so you're trained for having one

1 point

i refuse to support anyone who is named after a farting cartoon character

1 point

depends if they're oven chips or fries, if fries then definitely. American chips (fries) are the best!

1 point

no because it's his choice whether he wants to serve that customer or not, many people may not agree with his opinion but it is still his right as a human to do what he likes a bit like te gay couple and b&b;owner incident where the owners did not want them staying at the hotel as they were christians and i respect that because it is their choice and many people would not agree with their opinions but it is theirs to have and it should not be discriminated against

1 point

yes as it is somebody else's body and no government should dictate what somebody else should do with their body because they don't have a right to tell us what to do (unless we are being an indecent citizen)

1 point

i believe so and russia are just backing up england against isis because they want our land all nice and tidy for themselves

1 point

i dont like football and i hear this argument all the time and i just have to say that i hate them both

1 point

not like the english! over here criminals are able to play xbox have iphones 3 meals a day a bed and shelter its like heaven and out taxes are paying for this

1 point

it is unnatural, it could be bad for the environment in future but we dont know because we havent looked into it properly. it oculd release a specific chemical that poisons the universe

1 point

yeah we go to school for 6 And a half hours a day so our parents don't go to prison plus we do extra chores so we should benefit

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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