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RSS Ledfoot

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2 points

I think, even if God doesnt exist, which im not saying he does...I believe 100% He does, but even if he didn't the mere thought of his existance has made many people morally better, and just happier and nicer.

3 points

They were hardly even people. More like apes.............

3 points

Uh..Burger king. BK's fries are hot crunchy and seasoned well. MCD's are moist salty and uh...wet.

2 points

You beat me to the joke... I was gonna say that. I figured It would be you who was going to already say it before I clicked the link though.

2 points

Well If you have better things to do, and dont care about the bible prophecy than you dont need to post anything on here. The Question is what if...And you responded with: "I'm Atheist, So I dont care and it wont happen because I am atheist" So please, leave this discussion to the people who DO care. Hope I didn't come off like a jerk though. No hard feelings? haha

3 points

None huh? You mean there is no arguments saying that its wrong for gays to marry? Because I would say there is.

5 points

It would be wise to, but there shouldn't be a law or anything making it so you have to. It should be your choice if you do or not.

2 points

Oh man I had this one pizza one time with huge junks of chicken and instead of the marinara sauce it was BB-Q sauce. Way good, but it got old fast. My overall favorite is probably Philly steak and cheese with onions.

2 points

Why not both? I would so eat pasta while having sex. Shoot, your partner could be considered "food" if you know what I mean...Your eating a taco/popsicle but it is all sex the same. ;)

3 points

Holy piss man.... Let me break it down to you so you can understand.

Stanly Meyers supposed car split water into hydrogen and oxygen, and then performed electrolysis

Electrolysis is what splits the Hydrogen and oxygen. Why would he perform electrolysis after the Hydrogen and Oxygen were split.

Due to covalent bonding between an Oxygen atom and two hydrogen Atoms in H20, The oxygen atom is unstable and results in a negative charge. The hydrogen atoms are then positive. If you set up two electronic fields, one positve and one negative, you can pull the molecule apart creating oxygen and hydrogen molecules and burn the hydrogen. Unfortunatly this alone is not very economic but Stan Meyers found a solution.

He created a circuit board called the voltage intensifier which lowers the amps and increases the voltage. All this stuff I mentioned is not quite the same as his injector. His injector is a total different thing. But it seemed you didn't fully understand this and thats why I ask you to do your homework. So please visit this webstite : watch the two lecture might actually learn something. Be sure to watch the video on the right first because it is part 1 of the lecture. Part 2 talks mostly about the voltage intensifier.

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Winning Position: Miss Alaska

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