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RSS Leftbehind

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2 points

Yes . God was made up because of the same reason santa claus was made up . To make people behave so that they may not burn in hell . if there is a god then he is an ass .

2 points

My dad always tried to buy us out and i know that he does love us but you cant buy love its not right . my mom dosnt have as much money as my dad and she dosnt bother buying me and my older sister out .

0 points

i like both . i never read the twlight books and im glad i didnt the movie SUCKED .

0 points

billy mays . because i dont know if he did do tht to those children or not but i hate child molesters . they are worse than murders . im bout to start a debate about this

1 point

you should join the military for four years and then see what happens from there

0 points

slipknot all the fucking way . avenged seven fold are ok but on the rock level as some might call it slipknot is alot highter than avenged sevenfold

1 point

no . it wont stop people from eating fast foods . it would just make their lives worse than it is now

2 points

however it is terrible to say abortion should be legal . if it is made illegal than women will do unsafe things to themselves not to have a kid . such as get a friend to push her down the stairs

-1 points

yes but noone knows about it .thts like saying if your in the woods and you scream and noone is around to hear you did you even make a sound

3 points

metal and sreamo . if a song is all about getting laid is it worth listening to . no its not . rap sucks metal lives forever

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