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RSS Lexik

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1 point

The Iran deal is a good idea because it will limit Iran from making a bomb. On PolitiFact its says that Iran could likely have a bomb made in about 2-3 months to a year which isn't a lot of time and if Iran were to make a bomb the United States and surrounding countries of Iran(such as Israel) could be in danger. With the Iran deal, Iran wouldn't have the ability or resources to make a bomb for at least 15 years. I think this deal would keep the U.S. out of a nuclear war with Iran.

Supporting Evidence: Politifact Link (
1 point

I agree with what you said especially that we should accomodate to the common citizen. We have to think about what is best for the country as a whole and we cant assume that the constitution is best for the whole country we have to consider the people in the US and how much they make and what they do and where they live, etc

1 point

I disagree we do not need the the "proper class" running our countries. If we allow the "proper class" to run our country we will end up with another king and history will continue to repeat itself. We are doing just fine without the changes of the New Constitution. Creating fear of chaos isn't going to help you win over the states for the New Constitution.

lexik Clarified
1 point

This is a classroom debate. We are acting like they are still in place.

3 points

Keeping the Articles of Confederation would be the best solution because the power should remain within the states and help most of the nation, the common citizen. No one would want a group of elites controlling us, the rabble. We need something that would protect our personal rights, our land, and our money. The Article of Confederation would be better than creating a whole new Constitution.

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