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1 point


if you are pushing yourself farther than it is healthy, yes.

it also depends in what you are doing for the talent show. I've heard of a girl that was 6 and dressed up as a showgirl for a talent show. that is WAY wrong. But if you are doing somthing age appropriate, and you have fun, then i don't find them bad.

1 point

personally, I dont thimk any of them are cute. but if i had to choose one it would be edward. deffinently:). the way he looves her is amazing, an he says he would except it if she chose someone else. in eclipse jacob kisses bella by force. edward wouldn't do that. ~TEAM EDWARD~

2 points

People have said the world would end in... many people belived it when people said that in the year 2000 the world would end. it did't, or else we wouldn't be writing here :). so no. i don't think the world will end in 2012. i could post something on you tube or i could make a movie saying the world will end in 2010. people make movies like that to get money. so people that believe in it will think "oh, I better find out how this will heappen to protect myself and my family!" it works with some people.

2 points

Yes. If it is for fun. If its a necessity then, you can kill animals. Animals feel as much pain as we do.

1 point

There is no one nececerally "stupid" they are stupid if we compare them to other people. God made us the top of his creation and he sayshe made us in his image. God is clearly not stupid, so no we aren't naturally stupid. We have are own instincts, but school and studies help make us smart!

1 point

Inside beauty is more important, and I'd be lying if I said beauty isn't important. I try to balance things and make sure I'm more worried about inside beauty than outside beauty

1 point

They get higher self esteem and scholarships and they learn to stand out.

1 point

They get more than scholarships. They get HIGHIER self asteem and that makes them sand out and be themselves.

1 point

Although I wish it was, it isn't. People still dont recycle as they should and people dont car pool and put the airconditioner no more than 77 0F. I am also guilty. so unfortunantly it isn't over=(

2 points

They both right good songs and have great voices, but honestly, i prfere the Jonas Brothers =)

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