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2 points

ok, this sounds absurd to me

"To me, my God is the one true God", what does that mean? do you believe in that god? do you hold the opinion that he is real?

well if you are talking about the Christian god than that directly contradicts the Islamic god, for example, so you cant believe in both... being "willing to accept other peoples faith in their God" isn't the same as believing in that god yourself and is not what the argument above proposed

and no, "acknowledgement that those Gods could exist." is also not the same as believeing in them

1 point

ok, this is SO idiotic...

thats just a basic law of logic, in mathematics (and science in general) you have to PROVE something to be true, you cant just say "look at the trees, dont they seem created" or give a theoretical model...

if i tell you unicorns exist will you just believe me? or will you ask for evidence to back up that assertion? will you just believe anything without proof? how do you check what's true and what isn't?

1 point

this is exactly why I think Christianity is toxic... it constantly encourages control through fear, as you have clearly demonstrated with your comment

so thanks :)

1 point

first of all, just because we don't currently have an explanation for something doesn't mean that God did it, that's called the god of the gaps fallacy:

but just for the sake of it, i am gonna address your examples

1. in theoretical physics the answer would be: yes...? kinda ( you have to remember that what a physicist considers nothing and what you consider nothing is very different, so it's hard to answer that question if you aren't an expert)

2. define information and define a blank state

3. yes, weve managed to do that in a lab

4. yes, evolution, which is a proven theory, clearly shows that we evolved from apes

5. if by mind you mean a brain: yes, also because of evolution... if not, then define a mind

1 point


also since most of the bible is based on the jewish religion does this mean that theres a 50/50 chance on which one of them is true?

1 point

if anything, its more of a proof of "the matrix" so to speak, the idea that we are living inside a virtual reality:

1 point

first of all if the bible really says this things i would like you to give exact quotes

1. "personal, non-reproducible experience", nope... it is at about the same popularity level for awhile now

"Then the end will come", the internet is the end...? of what?! the meme free world?


"Atheism takes hold in mass.",most of americqa is still christian... in the rest of the world its even worse


"The beast system emerges.", i doubt islam fits this description very well... and even if it does they had simailar religions back than and even beforehand

1 point

this "personal, non-reproducible experience" is usually not something objective like hearing god speak to you or something, rather its usually a feeling or an unlikely event, and the small percentage that it is otherwise for probably are crazy since people from many different faiths claim to have this "personal, non-reproducible experience"s

lionard1122(76) Clarified
1 point

i would completely agree, but so is science... its just not for everybody

1 point

than they need science, but i could say:

ok but what if a programmer wants to change career to a songwriter

and than you would have to answer "than they need music"

is that a proof that we should teach music as a manditory subject?

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