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RSS Liza

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

The second one. Trust me... Its sexy!

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1 point

you should know better than to state that India has the potential to lead the world then.

Clearly I don't have to think that way because a majority of a portion that dwells on shit is already on permissible ends to tie knots with the odds.

1 point

every nation has politicians who are corrupt. but as you can see, Indian politicians cross the line to corruption!!!

And your saying that based on facts that rise from...? Indian politicians cross all those corruption barriers that an American politician or an English politician or a Polish or a Pakistan politician does. You see the result of having let America lead the World. Have you not?

with contrast to other countries India and its politicians will only ruin the world instead of developing it.

And who is now resurrecting it anyway?

your making this personal. just because you n i are from India doesn't mean we must support it even if it is wrong.

Sorry.. Making it personal with you does not interest me! Besides you have failed to draw a line between supporting and castigating. And you involving in the latter.

i have every right to do so.

Do not cause your entity, a chance to criminalize your liberty- Gandhi

you should try watching the news channels for a change. maybe it will change your way of thinking

Hey, thanks for the suggestion. No one's been nice enough to ask me to do so. You were...

BTW... No ashes against you. But, when you say a no... It means a deal of an end you see. Politicians are not the only ones who lead the World. And the politicians of the existing genre again I may add. Besides... When the World is into shit created by leaders, a bit of an attitudinizer attempt by the lot. Don't you think?

1 point

Sweetheart.. I live in India too. And I Am AN Indian. So Trust me.. I got my facts straight from the same privy. BTW... Which nation has no politicians who stack goods of gold... Or coal? Some countries look for it outside... And they do it inside... What I'm saying here is that your emphasis lies way beyond efforts. And "that" "what" you talk and accuse politicians is causing a rogue of a way back in accusations to you. What is your stand when you blame and call things names?

1 point

Girls are always favored in evacuations. In the titanic

Your talking like a pussy.

Why should the women be allowed to live?

That was the same century that didn't permit women to write because they were women.

Some of those women weren't even mothers!

Just like some men weren't fathers.

most males are portrayed as idiots or losers.

There is SpiderMAN, superMAN, BatMAN, He-Man, AquaMAN and what just Catwoman and wonder woman.

why can I Punch a male while i can't punch a female.

Because there are millions of women out there sexually harassed, treated with violence.

This shit isn't even politically correct.

Because morons like you run it!

1 point

British and Americans have got to stop judging people based on their nationality, community and color!

2 points

I can't make a head or tail out of it!!!

So stop using clay and use some brain now...

1 point

Typical British... Aren't ya? The kind that licks dicks for correct grammar..........................?

2 points

Aur tere jaisi gadhi uspar comment bhi maarthi... Saale saare harami log ho tum sab! Jahan ka khaate ho vahin par ched kee maa behen.. Saali teri toh poonch par aag lagein... Keede pade aur mare!

1 point

Do you come with salt?

No... With his ass!


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"I'm a Human n I love Humanity!"

Biographical Information
Name: Liza Ray
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: India
Education: High School

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