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RSS Lizziep

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1 point

The nuclear deal with Iran not only helps the United States but it also helps Iran. We don't want Iran to have weapons that could hurt us. With the enrichment of uranium at 3.67% (energy grade) it is nearly impossible for Iran to make weapons without the enrichment being at 90% (weapon grade.) Iran's economy is suffering and with the US lifting the sanctions, Iran's economy would increase. Iran sells their oil with this deal which makes their economy increase. This deal decreases the chance of Iran making weapons to hurt us and helps the Iran's economy.

1 point

What happens in 15 years? Iran can go right back to trying to maintain a nuclear weapon in 15 years. Also the sanctions being lifted will give the Iran alot of money to play around with. This money could be used to fund more violence and terrorism which is NOT a good thing.

1 point

While the Iran Deal seems like a good move on the U.S.'s part, it is not the best choice. First of all, there is no was Trump can certify that Iran will comply and follow the limitations of the deal. The deal can be made, but with Iran's reputation, their actions are unpredictable. The purpose of the deal is to slow and potentially stop Iran from producing nuclear weapons, but the Iran Deal does not require Iran to dismantle and of its nuclear facilities. If the deal goes through, major sanctions could be lifted as soon as this year. Yes, this is good for Iran's economy, but it could mean danger for the United States. With relief from sanctions, Iran will have greater financial resources to finance terrorist groups, about 100 billion dollars to be exact. This could mean major danger for not only the United States, but countries in the Middle East as well.

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