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RSS Logan145

Reward Points:6
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1 point

The end goal of the deal is not in our favor. After the 15 year deal is up, we are going to have a terrorist dominated country with a newly strengthened economy with access to nuclear warfare developments. This deal is gradually setting up Iran to dominate the Middle East and attempt to take over the western world. This deal is disregarding the longevity of world peace.

0 points

Logan H

The Iran Deal is a temporary fix. We will prevent and monitor nuclear developments for only 15 years and then the deal is up. We are also greatly loosening our dominance over Iran's economy during this 15 year period. Once the deal has expired, Iran's economy will have enough momentum to make nuclear developments, and they will have better odds of making advancements over the United States.

2 points

The Constitution is vital for a consistently functional government. We can not take the risk of letting the people rule a government. They will have the potential of forming an anarchy without supervision. Also, people often have severely differing views, and without a strong central government, there would not be an efficient solution. It is much easier to sustain a government with a set of definite laws.

1 point

Option 4 seems like the easy way out. If we pull out of the peninsula, we allow North Korea to build its nuclear program unsupervised. This would greatly damage the reputation of the United States as the "world police".

logan145(6) Clarified
1 point

To clarify, we must handle North Korea in stages. By beginning with a peaceful approach, we can evaluate North Korea's response. If they fail to cooperate, then we can begin to take it a step further. We should not preemptively jump to military attacks.

1 point

Option (3)

I believe option 3 is the best approach in initially dealing with North Korea. We should establish trust between our two nations in order to impede the progression of nuclear weapons. Since North Korea is developing nuclear weapons to initiate power over other countries, we should remove any imposing threats. If they persist to act irrational, then we can reference militaristic tactics.

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