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1 point

You can love something that is evil and you can hate something is good.

What you "feel" doesn't determine whether something is good or evil. It's the other way around irregardless of your "feelings".

0 points

Human nature is a fallen nature. This means that human nature is sinful. A sinful nature in the end will only end in destruction because of the nature of sin itself. Humanity, one way or another, will destroy itself (there are many ways I can tell you how) despite their well-meaning and good intentions. Human nature has something other lifeforms do not have. It's called "free will". This means that humans can act outside of its nature. Humans can use free will to do something opposite or counter to that of our nature.

1 point

Yes, Jesus was the only perfect human. That's why he was the only one to be able to pay for sins of the world.

-1 points

Trump is the best president ever! He's the only honest guy who calls it as it is. Everyone who opposes Trump is just trying to screw him over and dig up whatever dirt they can find to incriminate him. It's not hard to incriminate anyone if you really wanted to.

0 points

And yet you live everyday of your life with FAITH.

You are both disclaiming the truth of God and yet living with

the very evidence of it. Faith.

1 point

once again the whole argument, "I see no reason to worship one who accepts the cruelty and injustice we see every day"....

that statement tells everything you need to know: you do not understand the doctrine of Human Depravity and the doctrine of Sin. Stop blaming God.

The biggest reason why these questions continue to get asked is because they are based from ignorance and lack of knowledge and understanding of the subject.

1 point

I'm sorry but all the above arguments and statements prove exactly what I said. Listen to all the squabbling. It will never end because everyone thinks they know the truth and everyone thinks the way they perceive the world is the real world. FALSE. Everyone is false and true at the same time (true in thats how they perceive the world and false in that how they perceive things doesn't mean it's true or reality), therefore this entire argument is nullified and can hold no water. It's just going to be a million people squabbling like we have done since the dawn of civilization who is right and wrong, true and untrue, the best and not the best, yada yada yada, and in 100 years from now, people will still squabble in the exact same way.

1 point

You are forgetting one major flaw in your argument: you nor any human on this planet even knows what is TRUE. All your beliefs and truths are simply subjective. It may be true to you but it is not true for another. If you are God himself, then your perception is perfect and without flaw, but you are not. Therefore whatever you say is not accurate. It's only accurate to how you perceive the world and truth.

2 points

It really depends on the woman. Each individual case is different based on what that woman has gone through in her life, how she was raised, what her personal beliefs are, her experiences (good and bad), etc.

If you are looking for generalizations, then I'd say the most common traits a woman is looking for in a man are:

1) confidence: even if the confidence is fake or misguided, women are naturally drawn and attracted to someone who exudes confidence. In the same token, they are not drawn to men who are indecisive, unsure of themselves, and always uncertain of everything.

2) intelligence: intelligence today is what braun/strength was in the cave days. If you have intelligence, you have strength and power.

3) humor: women are emotional creatures, therefore a stale male who has no emotional diversity (ie. no sense of humor) is a draw off for women. They are drawn to a man who is able to make them feel emotions, especially humor

0 points

Odd. Why wouldn't it make you feel a little better knowing that you weren't the only one? If you view life as shit, that is only a reflection on yourself. You see what you are.

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