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RSS Lokita4lyfe

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0 points

thanks for the welcome, i've been on here awhile just not really active. im not sure how i lost like ten points in two days though lol.

i guess some people just can't grow up and learn to accept people for who they are rather than their sexual preference. it's kinda sad really, but in the end it's their loss.

1 point

how are you offending people?

you asking whether gay marriage can be compared to marrying your hand, it doesn't take a genius to figure out how that could be offensive.

go look up troll on that should explain it.

im sorry if i took this the wrong way but maybe you should have mentioned in the beginning that it was someone else who said it and that you were trying to prove a point.

1 point

LOL you think people who smoke weed aren't smart?

do you have any idea how many smart people there are that smoke weed?

one of my good friends, hardcore pot smoker for years and uses many other drugs like acid, shrooms, alcohol ect., took a IQ test from his shrink the other day.

guess what his outcome was?


that's borderline genius.

your arguement is fail, please try again.

2 points

weed should be legal.

it's the safest "drug" there is and it's ridiculous that alcohol and cigarettes are legal and killing people while marijuana is illegal and hasn't killed anyone.

plus it doesn't have any serious side effects, just makes you more relaxed and sometimes you think about things that never cross your mind while sober. i think the government has no right to dictate the way we live our life and what we do in our spare time as long as we're not hurting others or vandalizing property.

there's many other reasons why i think it should be legal, this is just a few of them.

1 point

that ignorant kid needs to be smacked. even though im not gay i find comparing gay marriage to marrying your hand pretty offensive. and also, (being ignorant enough) to actually ask this question on here is offensive and makes you seem like a troll.

1 point

lol not that big of a crime?

are you guys serious and did you even see the pictures of his dog after a fight?

animal cruelty IS a serious crime. it's guys like Michael Vick that make people afraid of pitbulls because ever since they're little they're trained to be aggressive and fight, and then when they end up attacking someone it's the dog who gets punished for how it's owner raised it. euthanasia and a ban on a breed is real fair isn't it? especially for a innocent dog who doesn't get to choose his owner or how he's treated.

Michael Vick should not be allowed to play in the NFL again. there's many poor and athletic people in America so just because he's broke and a good athlete is not a good enough excuse. he fucked up, and in my opinion he should still be in jail for awhile longer.

Supporting Evidence: they were once innocent like this (
1 point

marriage is a human right not a heterosexual privilege

1 point


despite all bad things you hear about them if they're raised right they make really good pets. on the outcome of a temperament test they came out as 2nd after bull terriers. they're like part of the family and will protect your house and kids.

I love how ignorant people are about them though. i was walking my pitbull down the street a week ago and there was this lady and her 5 year old son walking like 10 feet in front of us. as soon as she realized we were behind them she took her son and stood on the other side of a car till we walked by. like my dog really would have hurt them.

1 point

coca cola has no taste, it just tastes like carbonated water and sugar.

Pepsi is win.

1 point

never was for it.

we need to end it and start putting our money elsewhere, it's part of the reason why our economy is so bad.

Winning Position: fake

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