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RSS Lonewolf 821

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7 most recent arguments.
1 point

Basically because the guy is a comedian no one should take him seriously! if he were in some position of authority it would be a different matter entirely.

1 point

Some one has to admit the media is to blame at least in part for this stereotyping,lyrics in hip hop culture denigrating women,pro violence and crime stats dont exactly help your case,my brother, lol

1 point

Yet another reason for countrys the world over too laugh at the usa, first electing george bush ,TWICE, then wanting to replace a guy who failed both academically and in the business sector with someone whos claim to fame is as a former miss alaska who fires guns,both have permament foot in mouth disease. What, you finally get an educated, articulate guy in politics and your afraid he might do some good?

1 point

Most of these countries like mine choose to outlaw death penalty did so out of moral convictiction, cant you see the irony/double standard of of killing a killer? unlike what some think here, prison is no picnic,or hotel for that matter,unless you share your home with violent offenders that is!

1 point

Look at it this way, would you rather have a criminal locked in a small cell with other,in some cases far more dangerous criminals, for life looking over their shoulder,where they dont get many of the basic freedoms we take for granted or access to their loved ones, or quickly put to death? Death penalty is too good for them!

1 point

to put animal bashing in context with the original arguement, murderers and serial killers are profiled in their early years by animal crulety, thats how they start! clearly shows a lack of empathy to life or suffering of others, even on a small scale.Im a meat eater by the way,though i do not condone the suffering of animals in any form

1 point

Coming from New Zealand, another proud democratic country like america,we choose to give up the death penalty some fifty years ago, yet our murder rate is somewhat lower than the USA.Other democracys such as australia and britain have significantly lower rates per capita/head of population than USA. Obviously the system is flawed,perhaps the problem lies with gun control, the lack theirin?

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