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RSS Loopdaloop

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I mean there's more than a 90% chance you're nom and even an outside possibility that I am.

He definitely isn't Nom. He's a mentally ill man which some very bad people are using as a proxy to attack Nom.

1 point

We know everything about Nom including a detailed psychological profile of his true character.

The only thing you know is how to get yourself used as a pawn by evil monsters who want to destroy everything they touch. You are an absolute fool.

1 point

Nom and Factmachine are BOTH inhabitants of a broken schizophrenic mind.

I find that a truly incredible comment, given that you've literally convinced yourself you're Jewish, contrary to all scientific and historical fact. You are a delusional populist who continuously seeks the admiration of others by making up lies about yourself. Frankly, you're pathetic, and your vile personality is only disguised by virtue of being dwarfed by that of the other moron (i.e. FM) who Andy has to ban three times a week.

1 point

Not only do I not necessarily believe you

Ahahaha! Buddy, I couldn't give a shit dipped in ink what you believe. Your opinion is of less than zero importance to me, or indeed to anybody else. It has negative equity.

No, you're literally painting the image you want to see of me

You painted that image by uploading regular videos of yourself sitting in your mom's basement stuttering your way through hip hop tracks, you tone deaf imbecile. You haven't even moved out of your chair in the last five years. Too funny.

I will have more money/pussy/active brain cells than you by far in my life time.

Ahahaha! Whatever you say buddy. I'm sure your mom's basement is rolling in pussy. Wall to wall pussy up in that basement while you stumble through your make-believe rap career. Lmfao.

I haven't been on this site in a while

You're constantly lurking on this site because you're a creepy stalker and that's what creepy stalkers do. Andy bans you an average of three times per week. But since you're too narcissistic and arrogant to figure out nobody likes you, unfortunately you keep coming back.

I've also seen an example of your work and the type of sites it ends up on and I guarantee you aren't getting payed much

Paid, buddy. Paid. And I have work published in the university press. I've come quite a long way.

It must be difficult spending your entire life seething with hatred.

1 point

The face you made on your facebook pic says it all

The fact that you're stalking my Facebook account says it all. You're a creepy little homo who stalks the people he meets on the internet. You literally stalk people who don't want anything to do with you, and you think I'm the loser? Lmfao. Buddy, there's something seriously wrong with you.

you know what you are but will never admit it in this context. A fat, ugly, stupid school bully who wants the rich kid's lunch money.

I know I'm worth ten times what you're worth. You're a pathetic, mentally incompetent clown who seems to enjoy being hated. I'm neither fat nor ugly, but feel free to keep clutching at straws, you rat-faced loser. Lol.

1 point

You're a bitter communist loser

Hilarious. I have a first class university degree and you're a worthless bum who still lives with his mother!!

I'll have long outgrown by the time I'm your age

ROFLMAO. Buddy, you spend your pointless life writing shit rap lyrics which nobody reads and you spam them on a website nobody uses. Winner winner, chicken dinner!!

they make money

Give it a rest, child. I've already told you that I'm happy you've found your very first job in your 30s.

1 point

The shit which comes out of this idiot's mouth is just insane. Claims to be a Christian on the one hand, while on the other he makes up sickening lies and delights at the thought of inflicting violence.

Get help you mad bastard.

0 points

I didn't accuse you of trolling.

Yes, you did. You said I wanted to put other people down for having successes. You're literally an idiot, mate.

I accused you of being ugly, retarded, having a suicidal martyr like attitude about opposing tyranny, of being the person who initially made enemies with me and of being an intellectual narcissist

You accused me of all of those things too. But I laughed because you're forgetting that I've seen you in real life. You are not a handsome man. As soon as you open your mouth and speak it's very obvious that there's something wrong with you mentally. I truly don't give a fuck about your opinions and neither does anybody else with half a functional brain cell. As far as I'm concerned you're a waste of carbon.

1 point

Shove your obsession with anti-Semitism where the sun doesn't shine, you useful idiot of power. Kanye is as real as they come.

0 points

What you are is a scumbag who wants to put other people down for having successes

Stop turning reality upside down at every possible opportunity you pointless imbecile. You've literally opened up a debate scoffing about how you're eating caviar while I'm labouring, which torpedoes your nonsense that I'm the one doing the trolling.

Honestly, just shut up and fuck off. You're boring and repetitive. All the caviar in the world won't fix your broken mind.

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