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RSS Loopynutter

Reward Points:67
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loopynutter(67) Clarified
2 points


democrats and republicans are both trash who are part of an obsolete system.

2 points

Saying the democratic party is run by marxists is no different from saying the republican party is run by Nazis. Except there are actual Nazis in the republican party thanks to operation paperclip.

1 point


See my reply to Mingiwuwu. Liberals are left leaning democratic capitalists, socialists want all land and resources to be owned in common and marxists want a system where no hierarchical institutions exist whatsoever.

loopynutter(67) Clarified
2 points

Communism is something very specific, socialism comes in many forms. You can be a socialist and not a Marxist, but socialism is primarily the transition phases towards communism. There is room however, for different systems to be conceived of which cannot be called communist but can be considered a new form of socialism like the RBE. Marxist theory is socialist and communism is a form of socialism as well, but not all socialists are marxists and communism is only one of many forms of socialism, so the term "marxist" or "communist" and "socialist" are not interchangeable. "Socialism" is basically everything on the 1/4 of the political spectrum that is furthest left. But everything from social democracy to center-right politics can have bits and pieces of socialism to varying degrees. Socialism is simply when the resources and land are owned in common, rather than by the state or by private individuals or institutions. Communism is the most extreme form of that where no systemic political or economic hierarchy exists whatsoever. RBE is communism with the added concept that in the future the way humans think will be entirely different and we will no longer have terms like "belief" or "opinion" and instead of relying on our own subjective conclusions and "making" decisions we will arrive at them through methodology. Thus institutionalized authority will be replaced with reason which can only be achieved if the new way of thinking becomes a part of the global culture, and is taught to everyone in the same way that humans universally have laws and taboos ingrained in their cultures.

So in sum, Marxists are socialists by definition, but socialists are not marxists by definition, because Marxist theory is about the progression of society towards perfect equality and socialism refers to varying systems which are on the more collectivized/equal side of things.

1 point

I would first like you to fully elaborate on what you believe Plato's Republic to be

It was sort of a hybrid between a republic and feudalism and capitalism and was very authoritarian in certain ways but libertarian in others.

difference is between a Progressive and a Social Democrat.

A social democrat is someone in the transitionary space between capitalism and socialism. "Progressive" doesn't actually have a specific place in the spectrum, and is merely a blanket term for leftists who want to take things further left. In that sense even I'm a progressive but I don't call myself one because it doesn't actually mean anything in and of itself.

I would like you to define the words 'context' and 'application'

Context is how a statement or situation is framed, for example if you say "I want to fuck that chick" while standing over a chicken coup the context is not the same as if you say it while staring at a girls buttocks.

Do these things and you will get permission to gain more wisdom of mine.

Your arrogance will be your down fall.

1 point

He can.

Then do it. Unless you're chicken...Mingi-coo-coo

1 point

Does it make a difference if was a fruit or a vegetable

Yes it does, because it proves that you're stupid. Can you get these ones right and tell me if they're fruits or vegetables?




1 point

I would go back before the ice age and live in the ancient prehistoric civilization that existed in india which was more advanced than modern civilization.

loopynutter(67) Clarified
1 point

Poop isn't very intelligent, it doesn't make me horny at all. You don't even poop though, because you're so gay that dicks come out of your butt hole instead of poop.

1 point

NOM likes it some vegetable sex

Melons are fruits you clueless butt hole tickling sausage link.

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