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RSS Love2write1

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1 point

As to any leadership experience she served two terms on the Wasilla City Council, two terms as the mayor of Wasilla, chair of the Alaska Conservation Commission, president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors, chair of the National Governors Association, and co chair and chair of Natural Resources Committee and 11th Governor of Alaska to start with and more. She doesn't have International experience, but please tell me what Obama, running for president with 8 years in IL state senate and nearly the same age as her has in the way of international experience? A trip to Iraq and brief Middle East tour a few months ago?

Is it the job of the Secretary of State to work as main representative of foreign affairs or the VP's?

6 points

Sarah Palin is a decent choice. She brings a different and refreshingly new perspective to the Republican side. With the time she served as a two term city council member, mayor of Wasilla and Governor of AK and a host of accomplishments in each position, she has accomplished a lot in the "little" experience she has had. Compare this to Obama, who wishes to be President of the U.S, who served 8 years in the IL state senate and 2.5 years in the U.S Senate of which he has spent nearly the entire time campaigning. So is his experience really that much more relevant? What kind of experience does he have that makes him so qualified? Serving on the Health, education, labor and pension committee or Environmental and public works committee in the U.S Senate, not too impressive.

She seems an interesting choice. She is the first woman governor to Alaska, their 11th governor, took strong positions on oil issues for Alaska, balanced a career and family, no small feat, specially with 5 children and put forth serious and reforming changes in legislation, and was very involved with the Alaska Conservation Commission as chairperson and the list goes on. Maybe not huge strides by Washington DC's standards, but it's all relative. As a conservative American women who loves politics, I am delighted to see a strong female chosen as VP to McCain. I am not a soccer mom although my kids do play soccer and not a kool-aid drinker but a free thinker. I think Sarah Palin will be a free thinker as well. No matter what her record, credentials or experience of course it never will be enough according to the democrats.

I have no idea how she is a carbon copy of Hillary?

5 points

No way, they are not the same by far. They may tend to know know on which side their bread is buttered and many go for the big kickbacks from corporate America on both sides of the aisle but the similarity ends about there.

1. Republicans still tend to oppose abortion and some democrats go so far as to support partial-birth abortion.

2. Republicans are still usually pro-military and don't believe in appeasing the "axis of evil", Democrats think we can reason and sit down to talk with terrorists.

3. Republicans believe in tax relief and limited government and Democrats usually favor tax and spend policies. They apparently know how to spend our money better than we do.


No way they're still light years away different!

3 points

Two things, first now they are aware of plots they will step up security. His people, supporters and DNC have all invested so much time and money already in Obama they must take good care of him now.

Second, if he could survive in Iraq and Afghanistan he should be okay in Denver.

But of course being on the campaign trail is another story. They will have to take extra precautions.

2 points

Having been a foster parent and seeing all the bureaucracy of the system, failure of the system, cost of the programs, wasted $$, terrible parents given chance after chance while failing over and over, and witnessing the horrible effects this has on children It is a tough uphill battle we face. We are now dealing with yesterdays adults that are the product of the last generation's problems with youth crime. The parents are drug addicts, child abusers/molesters, alcoholics, no jobs or futures and the kids are just fending for themselves and growing up without a parent. They sleep in front of the TV with mom passed out on the couch, or worse left with Mom's bad boyfriend alone while she's out on the town. It's heartbreaking. Many seem to become sociopaths, they have no feelings and make no attachments due to neglect. Any attention, even bad is better than none. So this inevitably leads to crime and gang activity, where they at least can get some feeling of belonging and acceptance. Their behavior soon becomes very erratic, crazy and desperate. They get into all sorts of trouble and their parents are no where to be found, probably don't have a clue where and what they are doing.

These kids need attention in the form of strict discipline. They are crying out for somebody to care enough to limit their behavior, watch them and discipline them. Good foster homes work wonders, but they are in short supply. Good social workers are a valuable asset. The problem children need somebody on their side who can give them tough love if need be, lot of tough love.

The Gridiron Gang was a GREAT movie, I loved it

1 point

Is this whats going to happen to all tree huggers and such going green?

I'm going to try wind power I think.

1 point

I'd want to adopt a girl from China or India, for the same reasons as below, because first, they are unwanted and second, I have three boys already. It was a three strikes and you're out kinda thing. With adoption you can pick and it's a sure thing.

-1 points

How is it possible for a bang to create itself from nothing? Something or someone has to create a bang.

There are so many amazing things in this world that are next to impossible to explain, too intricate to be haphazardly put together. A creative genius had to be behind the scenes orchestrating our universe. This being is our God. He created the four chambered heart that beats non-stop in the average person billions of beats during a lifetime. He created animals that have certain adaptations in order to survive in their natural habitat. And the gloriously beautiful things, like a gorgeous sunset with several different hues of orange, yellow and pink, so inspiring that it takes your breath away. I think that only a loving, omnipotent God could create the world we live in with all its complexities and intricacies.

1 point

I usually skim the descriptions for something that strikes my fancy or catches my attention. Or if it's a person whose style I like I may read it in its entirety.

1 point

I am firm in my established beliefs and in general religious organizations do not scare me, at least here in the United States. Some of the stranger religions seem a bit odd and have some scary origins and practices, like some of the animalistic, Voodoo and sacrificial religions in the Caribbean and Central & South America but they are usually very unorganized. The Wiccans and Skin Heads can be a little bit intimidating but again, they don't seem to organized and don't have too much in the way of funding.

Abroad, the Wahabbis, Hamas and Al-Qaeda are scary of course. They have no regard for human life. They will kill their own kind and fellow Muslim. Their hate is so ingrained and entrenched. There is no reasoning with these terrorists, they wear no military uniforms and use unconventional tactics to kill innocent people. They have no conscience. That is scary!

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